HubSpot Migration, Onboarding & Implementation [Case Study] - How This Company Moved To HubSpot Professional For Their Sales, Marketing & Customer Service

HubSpot Custom DashboardsHubSpot is an all-in-one sales, marketing and customer service platform which allows you to manage, automate and report on all of your revenue-generating activity in one single place. It's easy to use, and the 'Professional' level of HubSpot has great flexibility and automation for a growing business. Moving your sales, marketing and customer service operations to HubSpot can be a big job. Your team need training, and guidance - they'll need to know quickly how to perform their day-to-day tasks in HubSpot as well as discover what they can automate, and what they can now do with the new technology that they couldn't before. Your data will need to be migrated, and the CRM customised for your business. You'll need to get the technical set-up right - ensuring HubSpot is integrated with key business tools and with your company website.

As a leading UK HubSpot Partner, JDR Group provide HubSpot onboarding services - and this is a case study of a business where we have provided their HubSpot onboarding (the technical set-up, and initial training), but also a complete data migration and ongoing consultancy. As a result, we've helped this business to fully adopt HubSpot quickly, to improve their marketing results, to automate elements of their sales and marketing and to be able to measure and track every element of their revenue-generating activity.


At The Start - Disconnected Sales & Marketing Systems

This client is a company that provides energy management solutions to help companies lower their emissions. A well-established company with several salespeople and an in-house marketing team, they were looking to modernise their internal operations following the appointment of a new COO.

They were using cobbled together systems of shared spreadsheets in the sales team, with little visibility for the board or the marketing team - who were using some separate email marketing software. The company website was unconnected to any of these systems, and they were not getting new leads at the rate they wanted to - or converting the leads currently in the system.

With the sales, marketing, and service teams using different systems, their customers were not getting a joined-up experience, the teams were working in silos and the company management had no way of easily tracking business performance. 

The Goal - Seamless Set-up & Company-wide Adoption

The decision had been made that a new CRM system was essential - and so they met with and evaluated a number of possible platforms. HubSpot emerged as their favoured choice,  as it would allow them to centralise the whole company around one single, easy to use system. The decision was made to invest in the HubSpot Professional Suite - which includes professional Marketing, Sales & Customer Service tools.

With this decision made, they now needed an action plan - how to move from their current network of spreadsheets and disconnected systems into HubSpot. Who would handle the data migration? Then there was the technical set-up of HubSpot to take care of, plus training of the sales team, and the marketing team. 

Once HubSpot was in place, and the team were actively using it, there was also a phase two to consider - using HubSpot to improve the company processes and results. This included re-working current processes to add in automation to speed everything up and reduce manual admin, getting the teams better organised and tracking more of their day-to-day activity so that it was visible for management, and improving the reporting for the board.

It was at this point that the second decision was made, to work with JDR Group. We designed a custom plan for their migration, onboarding, training and implementation plus ongoing consultancy and support.

The Solution - Managing The HubSpot Roll-out

Initial HubSpot Implementation

The first step was training sessions with the different teams to show them how to use the CRM functionality and to get buy in from the whole company on the importance of HubSpot. Then, we moved into training on specific professional features of HubSpot with the individual teams. We completed a complex data migration out of the messy spreadsheets into an easily accessible HubSpot record. We had to install a beta feature in HubSpot of flexible associations, which is now live in all portals, so that they could associate multiple companies to each contact and deal.

With the sales team logging all their activity and each opportunity being recorded through the pipeline, the marketing team able to manage their email marketing, ads and social media through HubSpot, and all of the set-up complete, we could then start developing new systems.

Automated Sales & Marketing Processes

We then worked with this client to look at their current sales, marketing and customer delivery processes and work out where automation could remove friction points and reduce manual admin time. Working with their internal teams, we created and launched workflows to (amongst others):

  • Follow up leads from events and exhibitions
  • Assign leads automatically to the right salespeople
  • Create prompts and alerts for the sales manager to highlight stalled deals, big opportunities, etc
  • Update and enrich the CRM data automatically
  • Set annual service reminders for new customers
  • Follow up and nurture new email subscribers
  • Promote webinars ad other events

JDR Group Case Study - HubSpot Automation Workflows

Custom Reporting & Dashboards

We then helped this company to set up custom reports to see the data they needed to see in each department. Below are some examples, we created custom reports and dashboards to help them (amongst others):

  • Forecast and predict sales results
  • Track and analyse individual salespeople's activity
  • Track the source of each new marketing lead
  • Measure the speed of the customer service/customer delivery team in handling customer issues
  • Revenue reporting - and measuring marketing activities by revenue generated (ROI reporting)

HubSpot Custom Dashboards

Customer Satisfaction Surveys (NPS)

Around 12 months into working together, they decided they wanted to implement an automated system for managing their after-sales process (more about that in section 1 of this HubSpot Service Hub Case Study). This includes NPS scoring - a way of measuring customer loyalty with automated customer surveys.

JDR Group Case Study - Customer Satisfaction NPS Scoring

All Revenue-Generating Activity Now Running Through HubSpot & Results Continually Increasing 

The client’s full business is now centralised around a single system rather than fractured between many different systems. This means that all the teams are now able to see what each other is doing with each lead/customer and adapt accordingly, the communication and join up between sales, marketing, and service has never been better.

Management have full visibility now on what activity is ongoing with each prospect and customer and can easily report on all their KPIs through their custom reports.

Every customer facing member of the team and every member of the marketing team is confident on the HubSpot software and able to successfully train new members of the company when they join. This has meant that HubSpot has become a key part of everyone’s day-to-day and is saving everyone time that was previously spent looking for data and trying to find historic records.

This client has also been trained on complex HubSpot features and are able to create and maintain their own workflows, sequences, and more, the training has given them the confidence and knowledge to be able to use the system successfully across the board.

The marketing team is making huge leaps through HubSpot, and their website conversion rate is growing.


As a result, the database is growing with more and more leads coming in - and being nurtured successfully.


This means more deals than ever before are being created and won and their business is growing significantly.


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