As a marketing agency, most of our clients actually want more sales – rather than just better marketing for the sake of it, or to simply look better. And to increase your sales, you will need effective marketing and lead generation – but the leads need to be converted and this means improving your follow up, your sales process and potentially improving the sales skills of you and your team.

Is Sales Holding Your Business Back?

A strong sales culture in your business is more than just having great salespeople – it is about having great sales systems and processes. Most small and medium-sized businesses, however:

  • Have no consistent method for prospecting for new business, relying only on word of mouth/referrals for new business
  • Do no follow up as effectively as they could – with busy busines owners and salespeople only dealing with the most immediate/urgent sales enquiries and not working the database
  • Have no defined, measurable sales process for converting leads into customers
  • Have no ongoing professional development or training for salespeople, meaning sales results do not improve over time

Without effective sales, your marketing will not get as high a return on investment as it could. Lost sales opportunities also cost you time, and most importantly of all - market share.

Improving your sales results, on the other hand, goes straight to your bottom line and makes your business more successful. Improving the systems in your business, and the skills of your team, can give you long term benefits which make your business more successful long into the future.


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How JDR Group can help you increase your sales

JDR Group are unique as a marketing agency in that we can help you increase your sales as well as improve your marketing. We have been developing sales systems and providing training for salespeople for businesses like yours since 2004, and have four main programmes designed to help you increase your sales:

Sales Strategy

This 90-day training programme is a series of 4 workshops designed to help you develop effective sales systems, including a prospecting system, as well as a system for converting leads into sales consistently.

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Video Selling Training

Remote selling has become an essential skill for modern businesses, and use of video in the sales process is a way of improving results at every level in sales. This training programme shows you how and gives your team the skills they need to win trust, and convert sales despite not being face-to-face.

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CRM Implementation & Training

A CRM System can help you increase sales, improve customer service, and helps you manage your business more easily. HubSpot’s free CRM system is a great place to start, and we can set this up for you in just 30 days (learn more here).

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Sales Enablement & Sales Automation

This ongoing sales programme is based around HubSpot Sales Professional which allows you to develop a measurable, fully systemised sales process with many aspects automated to make it repeatable, scalable and more profitable.

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The Definitive Guide To

Selling Better And Faster

In order to grow your organisation, a steady stream of income is required. Download this FREE guide to selling better and faster and learn more about:

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>> How to ensure nothing falls through the cracks

>> How to cement your sales process

>> How to eradicate time-consuming data entry

>> How to find "good fitting" prospects in record time

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