Why Choose JDR As Your Marketing Partner?

We are unique as a marketing agency in that our background is not design, advertising or technical. Our background is in business coaching, and mentoring business owners and directors to achieve better results in their businesses – A service we still provide today. When coaching our clients, naturally we cover marketing, but we also work on leadership and team challenges, time management, financials and sales and sales training.

This means we understand the whole business, not just the marketing. It means we can go beyond the marketing to help the entire business grow, but also gives us a deep understanding of the challenges you face as a company director. We’ve seen first hand what directors go through, and how hard it is to run a successful business, and that the key is successful marketing. So we have set out to make JDR a company that can help any business to grow with successful marketing – because we have seen the effect it can have on your life and the lives of your team members when it works well.

We also know the frustrations and fears you may have with marketing agencies – choosing the right partner for your marketing is important and many clients come to us after having poor experiences previously with marketing agencies.


Sound Familiar?

If any of these 5 reasons sound familiar to you, JDR may be the perfect choice for you and your business:

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Marketing Knowledge, Experience & Resources

Online marketing companies come and go all the time, but we have been in business since 2004 and have now worked on hundreds of campaigns in different industries, built hundreds of websites and worked in a huge variety of industries. We continue to invest in our in-house knowledge and skills, going all around the world to learn the latest methods and technology, and becoming accredited and certified with Google AdWords, Google Analytics, Hubspot, Infusionsoft, and Duct Tape Marketing. These partnerships demonstrate our knowledge but also provide us with huge resources and mean that through our network there is never a marketing challenge we can’t find a solution to.

Tailored Marketing Solutions

Clients come to us with a variety of different goals, and each business has it’s own set of resources – some already have marketing departments, some have no full time marketing resources. Also, every business has different goals and has a different starting point, and each market is different. As a result, we tailor our solutions to every client to achieve their specific goals. This can include implementing marketing software, to training and consulting, right through to a fully ‘done for you’ service.


One of the reasons people have had bad experiences with marketing agencies is when promises are made and not delivered, and when services are over-sold. While we cannot ever guarantee the success of any one campaign, we do always guarantee to do everything we’ve said we would do and we’ll always try and put things right if you are not happy with any aspect of our working relationship.

The ‘All-in-one’ Marketing Agency

Many businesses end up with a website designer, an SEO company, a PR agency, and maybe social media or Google AdWords companies as well. This gives you several relationships to manage and several different marketing activities to co-ordinate. Working with us means you can have one agency and one account manager delivering multiple online services – from one-off projects to ongoing campaigns. You can have all of your marketing ‘under one roof’.

The Human Touch

In the digital world it is easier than ever to work remotely by phone and email, however, this does not replace the value of meeting face to face. We believe this is vital to successful campaigns and regular meetings are part of our DNA. Our customers like the fact that when they call they will speak to one of our team straight away – no automated phone systems or support tickets. We also provide a number of free training workshops – free website training to all our website clients and free full-day marketing training days which are available to all clients.

Our ideal client is a company with the potential to grow, with directors that want to fulfill that potential, and believe that online marketing is the way to do that and are prepared to embrace new techniques, new technology and new systems in order to meet their goals. Our ideal clients are open and honest with us, and are seeking a partnership, and a long term working relationship.

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