JDR review stars

Jess Langley

We worked JDR to onboard our business with Service, Sales and Marketing. We had no CRM system at all previously and were moving some of our marketing platforms. We were hoping JDR would guide us through some of the features which we might have missed without their help. The marketing team needed full training and their existing mailing list moving from one platform over to HubSpot, we also needed the Magento 2 website connecting properly to improve communication and increase retail sales. The sales team needed to automate their processes and improve their ability to manage and develop B2B sales leads. The service team were the main part of the process, moving from no formal CRM and some of the team having never worked with one. We needed some automation and processes to keep the whole system as simple and intuitive as possible. Training them was key to the success of the project. We also have an ERP system which we've found impossible to integrate with any other platform, we were hopeful JDR would be able to succeed where we had failed with this integration. JDR listened to our needs very carefully, we felt that they'd perfectly understood our needs and tailored a plan around our business and around our team's needs. They began with the marketing team as the integration was simple for them (I should stress, this was done very quickly and, frankly, we would have been struggling months down the line without them). The integration was successful and the training with the team was very effective, JDR remained in communication with the marketing team whilst they found their feet with HubSpot and helped tweak reports and functionality to perfectly suit our business. Sales and Service followed, the integration with our ERP system was difficult but JDR managed it, I was part of the 3 way meetings between JDR and our ERP providers and would not have achieved this without JDR Group being involved. We were able to reach all of our aims and having JDR Group involved gave us a confidence to dig deeper into HubSpot than we might have done otherwise. The training was very good, as JDR had listened to our concerns, they set the pace very well for our teams, asking just enough to stretch them but not so much they were overwhelmed. The service provided was excellent. The whole team were great to work with, they were very responsive to any queries we had and bridged a lot of gaps between jargon (IT jargon and HubSpot terminology) and helped us understand how to move forward with the CRM for our business. We could tell from the start that JDR were there to help us, we were a little wary that a company "onboarding" us might do the onboarding and we'd then be stuck relying on them for support afterwards, but we shouldn't have worried, JRD were open about everything they'd done for us and showed us how to work with the system on our own in future. They left us feeling very capable at growing with HubSpot alone. That being said, due to how good they were, we are already looking at how we can utilise their services in future and are looking forward to an ongoing relationship in other areas of our business.

JDR review stars

Simon Bishop

We have had an amazing transformation of our accountancy business with JDR over the last 2 years. They have understood our business and what makes us tick, and helped us to rebrand and attract large numbers of new clients as well as deliver polished professional information to existing clients. We are drawing in increasing numbers of prospects and converting at better rates widening our funnel of contacts all the time. JDR are highly professional, knowledgeable, and efficient, have given great value services and I could not recomend more highly!

JDR review stars

Emma Cole

JDR Group have provided us with excellent services, marketing suggestions and full HubSpot support during our 5 years of working together. Their ability to navigate us through HubSpot has been an incredible benefit to our company and their knowledge and customer services has been second to none.

JDR review stars

Chris Lawes

When I approached JDR for help with my lead nurturing plan I had a good idea of what I wanted practically mapped out on a word document, but no idea of how to set it up in HubSpot and make it work the way I wanted it to. With the nature of the business we have a big focus on lead generation and seasonal offers so it was imperative that I had a robust way of making sure we kept in touch with people regularly and enticed them to buy. Being just one salesperson dealing with many leads It was not possible to do this manually. JDR helped me to set up my lead nurturing workflow. Not only did they set it up to function the way I needed it to but they also trained me on how to edit the content of the emails so that I could keep it up to date and insert new offers as and when I wanted to. Working with JDR on this project helped me to systemise my marketing and sales process and saved me a lot of time. One thing I can definitely vouch for is their knowledge and experienced use of the HubSpot platform.

JDR review stars

Michael Kiernan

From our initial business review, and a gentle push towards an in-bound marketing approach, we have really benefited from Dan Baker's practical and personal guidance.

JDR review stars

Andrea Rodney

JDR have been managing my digital marketing for a few years now and I have always found them to be efficient, effective and highly professional. Their design and implementation of our new website was great and resulted in a large amount of positive feedback from old and new customers. I would highly recommend their services.

JDR review stars

Alan Macdonald

We are using JDR for our marketing requirements. FB,LNKDN and google advertising, SEO and more. They are very professional and very switched on. They are also very malleable when it comes to changing aspects of their services even at the drop of a hat. We consider them an extension  of our company as if they were in an house department. Highly recommended 

JDR review stars

Matt Langston

Been working with JDR for over a year and will continue to work with these guys. Will and his team are very professional and have added value and expertise to our company that was missing. Great job keep up the good work.

JDR review stars

Roseanna Croft

Excellent service and client care. Everyone at JDR is professional and friendly and do an amazing job. I have only been working with them for a couple of months but have already noticed a dramatic increase in enquiries. Highly recommended investing in your marketing with JDR.

JDR review stars

Victoria Parkinson

We have been working with JDR for 2 years now and they have helped bring our business forward immensely. From creating & implementing a solid marketing strategy, to building a new website for Cabin Master.

Since then they have created 4 more websites for us and helped educate our team on the vast uses of Hubspot. Having a CRM that works for all our staff has been a turning point for us and having JDR on hand to advise, and also implement changes, has been key in moving our businesses forward. Working with Leanne has been great and the team at the Derby office are not only helpful but courteous and efficient. We look forward to working with them on other new projects in the future.

JDR review stars

Nottingham & District Gun Club

JDR have looked after our E-Commerce site for a number of years and have made it very easy for us to update the content ourelves. They have recently redesigned our site and the quality of work and professionalism, from Amber in particular, has been second to none.

JDR review stars

Anne-Marie Wright

Leanne at JDR is brilliant! She has worked with me on 2 website builds so far, both with Hubspot integration. I have learnt so much from our monthly training sessions which has enabled me to continuously improve our content marketing strategy for the businesses. She gives us vital marketing support and has a wealth of Hubspot knowledge and expertise that we rely on.

JDR review stars

KR Electrical

We have two businesses and originally asked JDR to redesign our electrical website. They were extremely professional and did a great job.

As we had a good experience with them, we then asked them to redesign our products website. Both websites are professional, modern and mobile friendly. They are helpful and provide a great service during the whole of the project, they are experts in their field so help from initial website design ideas, to script writing (a must for us in making the overall product professional) to going live. Everyone we have dealt with at JDR are great, but In particular I would like to thank Amber for all the hard work and patience when I have changed my mind and jiggled things around - all dealt with with a smile !! I would have no hesitation in recommending JDR.

JDR review stars

Mobile Solutions UK LTD

Thanks to Leanne, Will and David for the excellent course provided by JDR Group yesterday. They provided expert knowledge on how to effectively use online resources to market businesses and shared the latest industry insights and forecasts. Highly recommended for those looking to improve online presence and capitalize in a growing market.

JDR review stars

Simon Lees

Working with JDR has been the best business decision we have made. They have enabled us to reach many more potential customers than before and our business has seen a huge increase in growth as a direct result.

JDR review stars

Adrian Hall

We have dealt with JDR for years and have always had a very pleasant and easy experience. I find them pro-active in getting to your end goals and have always been cost effective also.

I currently deal with Amber if I need any changes or have any questions, she is a real asset to the business!

JDR review stars

Helen Keast

I attended a one day training course with JDR which was a very positive experience.

All the members of the JDR team were really good to deal with, very positive and knowledgeable with regards to all aspects of online marketing. They provided expert information and professional guidance regarding appropriate tactics for moving the business forward in relevant markets.

JDR review stars

Maypole Ltd

We have worked with JDR for quite a few years now and we have always been pleased with the service we have received. This year they redesigned our website so it is much more modern, professional and easy to use. The new software allows us to do so much more to our website than before. We had some teething problems at the start, but the team at JDR were excellent and they were able to sort out any issues quickly.

JDR review stars

Martin Rodgers

Had a fabulous experience working with JDR. I engaged them in supporting a company I work at as MD. The company needed to revitalise it's marketing and starting a content marketing approach. We spent a lot of time outlining the project requirements best approaches, strategies and tactics. Content marketing is no quick fix approach and the companies that promise this are simply lying (in my humble opinion) JDR never promised a quick fix or to transform the company over night, they promised and delivered a well thought out, long term sustainable marketing approach. I was also able to ask for support and help on sales. Would highly recommend.

JDR review stars

Peter Christmas

We have worked with the JDR Group for many years now and have always been exceptionally pleased with their work and support of our company, On-Air Broadcast. JDR are always fast and efficient in amending or changing anything on our web site. We would thoroughly recommend the JDR Group.

JDR review stars

Tim Foster

I couldn't recommend JDR enough! Will and Dave have been excellent in the advise given to restructure our entire advertising campaign. We have now completely stopped all services with the likes of Yell/Hibu and feel we are getting much more for our money in a much more personal, innovative and comprehensive manner. Here's to the future guys :)

JDR review stars

Beth Lawson

What a great company to deal with from start to finish, with not being very technical they helped all the way, with ideas art works and contents. Daniel is my monthly contact and he is great and very informative. Since starting with the JDR group 10 months ago we have already seen a massive increase in sales enquiries which has turned into new customers coming on-board. Thank you to you all at JDR Group.

JDR review stars

Ben Beveridge

JDR Group’s website marketing services got my attention because of their fair price, high level of customer interaction and web design expertise. When I started working with them, I found the employees easy to deal with and always on the other end of the phone when I needed them. The business training with Leanne was especially useful. They are a good company with a great service and the results are easy to maintain yourself, thank you.

JDR review stars

Sally-Anne Green

Brilliant course, really helped us understand the importance of what JDR do for us and made us realise how we need to step our game up in some areas. Thank you JDR for a really good day. :-)

JDR review stars

Cadar Ltd

JDR have just upgraded and redesigned our website to be mobile friendly. This is the second website they have done for us and as before they have been creative and responsive to our requirements and are quick to make amendments or rectify gremlins during the validation period and after publishing.

JDR review stars

Ann Aken

We have been working with JDR since March 2015 as a result of a recommendation from one of our customers.

JDR provide us with a complete marketing solution, expert advice and technical support. We have successfully increased our leads, enquiries and sales as a result.

JDR have helped us to reach a larger audience and entice a new demographic.

They help us to manage our website content and evaluate where the views are coming from & have managed to increase traffic to our website making it easier for us to acquire new clientele.

We receive regular visits from our account manager, telephone updates and a concise monthly report for our internet marketing, which highlights the areas that we need to improve upon.

We have no hesitation in recommending their services.

JDR review stars

Safety Shield Ltd

We have been a client of JDR Group for a number of years, they are one of the most efficient and friendly organisations I have had the pleasure of working with. Initially they were responsible for our SEO, which has resulted in our ranking significantly improving. Then they re-designed our web-site, which is now a professional looking site (we get praised on a frequent basis about it) and has brought us numerous new clients (big thanks). All additions and alterations to the site are carried out quickly and pain-free by a great team.

I am currently working with Amber, who is polite, efficient and friendly. No query or issue goes unanswered and is quickly acted upon.

Long may our working partnership last. Would definitely recommend to others.

JDR review stars

Georgina Millen

The company i work for had used JDR Group for many years. They're a huge help when it comes down to uploading something to our webpage. I have also been talked through on how to do things via phone call, with their very friendly and helpful team and this is a huge help to the organisation as we can upload things as we please. At the same time if we're ever stuck on how to do something we can give them a call and they'll do there best to get it sorted straight away! JDR are a very reliable company, and i would definitely recommend!

JDR review stars

Shaun Mccluskey

Just been in for an afternoons training at JDR - what a great company. They were really helpful and after frustrating experiences with other internet marketing companies, it was good to speak to people who really know their stuff. They were able to advise on SEO in a way that actually made sense, and gave me some great social media tips too.

JDR review stars

Reighton Sands Caravans

I first heard about these guys through doing a search for website builders in Derby and JDR came up so I contacted them and set up an initial meeting with Will, I was instantly impressed with the level of knowledge and I knew that JDR would help me take my business to the next level.

My main point of contact is Amber and I have to say she must have so much patience as the amount of emails I have bombarded her with over the past few months has been unbelievable and she always responds with a lovely email back that makes us feel as a company so valued.

The website JDR has built us is fantastic and just what we need but equally as important to us is the aftersales service which I can say is excellent.

Well happy with JDR and we as a company are extremely happy to recommend JDR to all other business's.

Thank you JDR from Richard and the team at Filey Bay Caravans & Reighton Sands Caravans, we are your ideal holiday with a now perfect website ;)

JDR review stars

Steve G

JDR Websites have just built our new website and have assisted with the transition from our previous providers and must say that they did a great job. We feel that our new website looks fresh and modern and it has also been built with SEO and the user in mind. The SEO team have been great and have made many changes to what we were doing and although this is not an overnight process we are now starting to see the fruits of their labour as our rankings are improving. Dan, Will and Dale have been a great help and have all been very professional throughout the process and we feel that we are valued as a customer rather than being just “another” client and we look forward to working with JDR and continuing to build our working relationship and rankings.

JDR review stars

Anthony Knightley

We have been using JDR Group for around a year now for our internet marketing campaign & SEO, from initial contact and all the way through the process they have been very helpful and informative. We have seen our enquires increase substantially since the start and would recommend for anyone who is looking for a service provider in this sector to get in contact with them.

JDR review stars

Lewis King

We're 6 months in to a long term relationship with JDR. We've been very happy with the service we've received so far. Our website redesign was achieved fluently, to a very high standard and the increase in traffic (admittedly from virtually 0) has borne results. I've dealt personally now with five or six JDR team members and all have been affable, professional, and competent. They are expert listeners and make it their mission to really understand your business goals. Overall, I think the thing I am happiest about has been the increased in strength of my companies brand, I very much look forward to what the next six months and beyond brings.

JDR review stars

Jessica Jones

Starting our journey with JDR could have come at a better time and their personal yet professional support has been so valuable for our company. Personally, I was transitioning from maternity leave back to my marketing role and working with Ellis at JDR has given my return to work even more purpose and direction. Ellis has been a fantastic help in making this transition and our new drive into digital marketing so seamless and an exciting new venture for the business.

JDR review stars

Poppy Moore

We've worked with John Skidmore at JDR for over a year and he's really helped us get our Google Ads campaigns in order. We receive a monthly report in advance of monthly catch up meetings, where we talk through whats worked well and the strategy going forward. We would recommend JDR to other businesses.

JDR review stars

Gordon Hunter

JDR appointed Charlotte as our focal point. She quickly realised the vision I had in mind for our website revamp and got to work. She showed us several options and layouts. We quickly got the layout and content sorted. JDR and Charlotte were easy and a pleasure to work with and I can highly recommend them. Good value for money as well!

JDR review stars

Sally Roberts

I have been working with John at JDR for 9 months now, on generating blogs and SEO for our on line presence. Having used various agencies over the years I find the feedback and clarity of analysis from JDR very straight forward and easy to understand, which has resulted in a significant uplift on the ROI for our digital marketing budget, and a confidence that we are targeting the most effective actions. John really seems to understand what I am trying to achieve and is very patient with me. As a small business owner this is the first time I have had this level of confidence in my marketing spend.

JDR review stars

Frances Hamilton

We have been working with JDR for almost a year and have been very pleased with the improvement in results that we are achieving through our marketing / Ad campaigns. We particularly appreciate our monthly catch up meetings with John Skidmore, which give us the chance to evaluate our results and implement change where necessary. All in all a very good first 12 months.

JDR review stars

Jarrod Mollinson

If you want to kickstart your inbound marketing campaigns JDR are the go to. They are easy to deal with, professional and importantly offer good value for the services that they provide. Having dealt with a number of other marketing consultancies in the past I know how easy it is to swallow up a huge chunk of money and have nothing in return. I have no hesitation in recommending them.

JDR review stars

Mike Gee

JDR have helped our business immensely. We are a small business that are experts at what we do, marketing certainly isn't that! JDR not only act as our marketing experts, but occasionally stray into business coaching by challenging what we are doing to maximise their impact. Special mention to John Skidmore, always does what he says and demonstrates he really cares about his clients businesses and plays a vital role in helping them succeed

JDR review stars

Mark Taylor

We've worked with JDR Group for 2 years now, they act as our go to partner for digital marketing and help manage our HubSpot portal and website. During the time we've worked with them we've had great service and found them to be professional, knowledgeable and helpful. They've helped to bridge the gap between sales and marketing and given us a clear marketing plan going forward. We are increasing traffic and leads, and are winning new customers as a result.

JDR review stars

James Farrell

Expert team providing fantastic advice and guidance leading to a terrific great new website and associated digital marketing content and approach for the business. Already providing new leads within weeks of implementation. Thanks to the whole team!

JDR review stars

Russell King

Professional, attentive and timely marketing support. We are really happy with the final website design and looking forward to the additional benefits it will bring to the business.

JDR review stars

Mike Hinds

Thank you to Charlotte and the team at JDR for their efforts in updating our website. Charlotte project managed the build really well and kept us briefed, updated and on task throughout Highly recommended!

JDR review stars

Phil Whitting

Until I started working with JDR, I had been sporadically using separate CRM and email clients in my business. I say sporadically, because it was not an easy process to manage on my own, and it didn’t get used more than a handful of times per year. JDR installed and configured HubSpot for me and showed me how it should be done! It was integrated into my website and configured by JDR to collect all messages that came in through the site. This is probably something that the previous CRM could do, but HubSpot is a “complete” system that does a lot more than just collect email addresses. It has allowed me to compile lists and send out professional looking messages to my client base. It also lets me follow the progress of each contact through the sales system. Other plugins were added from the HubSpot portfolio, including a chat facility on the website and call tracking that uses dynamic number insertion to monitor the source of all incoming calls. Overall this has helped me to gain control over the process of recording and following up leads, thanks to JDR’s expertise in this field.

JDR review stars

Matt Lacey

JDR did a great job transforming the marketing for the small business that I run. At every point they explained the reasons behind their strategy and then gave their advice on the best course of action. Then we enacted a plan and monitored the results, so I could see my business leap up the organic google search rankings. We also used LinkedIn to target individuals with the right profiles more specifically as I run a fairly niche business. John, my account manager, was available through the process for ad hoc advice as well as the regular monthly meetings and clearly knew his stuff.

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