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SEO (search engine optimisation) services in Derby, UK

Many website owners may engage in several kinds of marketing, only to forget one of the most vital website marketing tactics: search engine optimisation. SEO is what puts sites in the first pages of results when a person conducts a search using Google, Yahoo or another search engine.

Because search engine algorithms keep changing, understanding which keywords are working on your visitors can be a daunting challenge. Not only do you need to ensure that you’ve done extensive keyword research, but you must also ensure that your content strategy has been carefully laid out.

Being on the first page of search engine results has several benefits, including;

  • Enjoying a constant flow of new customers;
  • Increasing awareness of your brand with potential customers;
  • More traffic being generated to your desired pages, thereby increasing potential sales.

FREE SEO Analysis Report

What makes JDR different to any other SEO company?

No big claims, no wild promises, just years of expertise and hours of honest work invested to achieve results for your business – Read here to find out why you should choose JDR as your SEO partner.

Your Questions

How much does SEO cost?

Our programs range from a few hundred pounds per month to several thousands of pounds – it all depends on the results you want, the complexity of your site, and whether you want to target just your local area, or internationally.

How long does it take?

While there can be some quick wins, SEO is a long term and ongoing investment – and is best approached as such.

What is actually involved in SEO?

Google looks at thousands of individual rankings factors, including backlinks, on-page optimisation, signals from social media, technical factors, website load speed, and visitor behaviour. SEO involves working at all of these areas to give you the best possible chance of ranking for your target search phrases.

How do I recover if my Google rankings have dropped?

You may have had a penalty – or it may be competitors have simply overtaken you.

Content Creation

How JDR’s SEO services Helps Your Business

Getting a high ranking on Google is one thing, but a complete SEO campaign will also include a plan for bringing those customers who are ready to buy right to your website’s doors. We also take a thorough look at your website to confirm whether or not it is converting your visitors into customers. If it is not, we make the necessary changes.

As well, we ensure constant communication so that you are never out of the loop. The monthly reports we generate for you will not only be detailed, but easy to understand. Moreover, we always ensure our clients receive value from our services, or we simply don’t work together. Paying your precious pounds to a company who does nothing for your website traffic and revenue is like throwing money out the window; so why do it?

Finally, it pays to have an SEO company that understands the dynamic nature of the big search engines, whose algorithms constantly change. However, we have the expertise and technology required to stay on top of the latest in search engine ranking techniques.

FREE SEO Analysis Report

Why Choose JDR for SEO

When you choose JDR for your SEO needs, you get a lot in return.

We understand the many time constraints that business owners such as yourself have to deal with on a constant basis. Our process has been designed to cost you as little time as possible.
We work hard to ensure our clients understand the work we are doing for them and explain it in everyday language without jargon – so that you know what is being done, what the results are and what to expect going forward.
Show you exactly what is and isn’t working with your marketing and your website, but also show you how to correct those elements that are not getting you the results you should be getting.
Our clients consistently comment about the friendliness and professionalism of our talented team, as well as their constant availability. And there’s no stage fright here; our team members are always happy to meet with you in person.

Why Choose JDR for SEO