JDR Team

Will Williamson


JDR team - Will Williamson

A founder member of the JDR Group, Will is an Inbound Marketing expert and marketing strategist, and can give you a sales & marketing strategy for your business that provides consistent, measurable growth in traffic, leads & sales. He has achieved multiple qualifications with Google AdWords, Google Analytics, and HubSpot.

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Leanne Mordue

Operations & Finance Director

JDR team - Leanne Mordue

A founder member of JDR and certified Infusionsoft Sales and Marketing expert. Leanne is Responsible for delivering client results as well as overseeing the day to day running of the company, Leanne is a leading expert in SEO, Direct response Marketing, Website conversion and Marketing Automation.

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David Roberts

Managing Director

JDR team - David Roberts

An Award Winning Business Coach and entrepreneur, David is the owner and founder of JDR Group and has over 20 years experience of owning, running and managing businesses. He has coached, mentored and trained executives, directors and sales teams and features regularly on BBC Radio Derby as well as being hired to speak at conferences and events around the world.

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Emma Ablewhite

Senior Campaign Manager

JDR team - Emma Ablewhite

Emma fills the role of one of our Digital Campaign Managers, helping clients with their digital marketing campaigns. She has a close working relationship with many of our clients and enjoys finding new ways to benefit a campaign to get the most productive results. Her attention to detail is reflected in her personal passion in photography and background in creative writing. Following her English degree, she still tries to read at least one book a week, currently owning 8 copies of Milton’s Paradise Lost!

Jarrad Mordue

Campaign Manager

JDR team - Jarrad Mordue

Jarrad is a highly experienced search marketer and Google AdWords certified professional. He manages a number of client campaigns, provides invaluable technical expertise and also oversees the website design and development team.

Daniel Baker

Senior Campaign Manager

JDR team - Daniel Baker

Daniel has worked in Marketing for over 15 years having studied Design and Marketing at University. Using his vast knowledge and experience, Daniel has managed hundreds of successful online marketing campaigns for companies both Business to Business, and Business to Consumer.

Shirley Gibbins

marketing manager

JDR team - Shirley Gibbins

Shirley is an experienced manager and coordinates our marketing campaigns. She has expert knowledge of email marketing, CRM systems, copywriting and direct response marketing. Along with her excellent credentials, Shirley is a great character to be around and is the funniest person in the office (which she takes pride in reminding everyone!). Outside of work she spends most of her time looking after her two boys.

John Skidmore

Senior Campaign Manager

JDR team - John Skidmore

John’s role is Digital Campaign Manager, John impressively sped through training to become one of our select campaign managers. It’s no wonder he is showing such talent, joining us with a Masters in marketing and working as a marketing and events executive in the SME automotive industry for over 2 years. With a keen interest in the outdoors you will often find John on country walks and hikes and recently completed the Yorkshire 3 peaks challenge twice in the same month. Well done John!

Andrew Leamon

sales & marketing strategist

JDR team - Andrew Leamon

Andrew works with clients to plan, implement and manage website design and online marketing projects. You can see him speaking at our events, and he can provide guidance and support at every stage in your online marketing campaign.

Remy Pereira

Senior full stack developer

JDR team - Remy Pereira

Remy fulfils the role of full stack developer, extremely conscientious and with exquisite attention to detail, Remy has become an important member of the team. In her personal life Remy loves travelling and enjoys Sci-fi films, the movie Arrival being in her top three. With her love of travelling and Sci-Fi who knows where her journey will end…

Ellis Wakelin

Campaign Manager

JDR team - Ellis Wakelin

Ellis demonstrates immense talent and efficiency in achieving the absolute best for our clients marketing. This dedication to her role is echoed in her personal life with a dedication to animals; being an owner to two Oriental Shorthair kittens and an avid fish enthusiast (an interesting combination!). As well as animals, Ellis has a keen interest in many things from baking to knitting. A real eager employee, who is passionate about our clients projects!

Charlotte Thornton


JDR team - Charlotte Thornton

Charlotte leads the role of our Website Project Manager. Managing all website projects from start to finish and organising the marketing teams’ schedules. Charlotte’s role is demanding and vital to get our client's vision and an effective online presence off the ground. With a LOVE of pasta and a cheeky cocktail or two it’s a good thing that she also enjoys weekly Body Pump and Yoga at the gym.

Amber Denton

Website Conversion Specialist

JDR team - Amber Denton

Amber is a very valuable member of the JDR Digital Campaign Management Team. With her design flare and many years co-ordinating website projects within JDR, she is viewed by many here as the creative one! Outside of work she loves to travel, and already has some interesting tales – particularly one about her camel ride (ask her!). She is probably making plans for her next adventure as we speak!

Josh Delahay

Campaign Manager

JDR team - Josh Delahay

Josh is part of the JDR Campaign Management Team ensuring our clients strategies are running smoothly, especially the PPC campaigns! If he’s not in the office creating content or helping with websites, he’ll be pumping iron in the gym! Like many of us here too, he is also unfortunately a big Derby County fan!

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Kieran Lawrence


JDR team - Kieran Lawrence

Kieran is experienced in the digital marketing industry, with expertise and knowledge in websites. After spending 7 years growing up in Hong Kong with his family, Kieran is now settled in Derby and looking forward to the future. In his spare time, you'll find Kieran making music and watching Derby County football matches.

Amy Kovulmaz

content co-ordinator

JDR team - Amy Kovulmaz

Amy is our content co-ordinator and spends her working week organising blog articles, eBooks, videos and case studies for our varied client base. She loves learning about all the different industries we work with and if you ever want to get on her good side, the odd flapjack wouldn’t go amiss!

Andy Gibbins

business development manager

JDR team - Andy Gibbins

Andy is the Business Development Manager here at JDR. One of the old heads now, but keeps his finger on the pulse for all things digital and has a real passion for marketing. He’s a bit of a Billy Beane, often spending hours on Football Manager and fantasy football going through the stats, and has the annoying trait of winning every year as well! That aside is always good for a football related trivia question or two!

Ayesha Parwani

Campaign Manager

JDR team - Ayesha Parwani

Having pursued her passion for journalism at the University of Sheffield, Ayesha brings a wealth of experience from her time as a news reporter and editor. Beyond her journalistic pursuits, she is a dynamic individual with interests ranging from professional baseball, where she played for four years in Dubai, to showcasing her skills in Traditional Indonesian dance, particularly the captivating "Tari piring," which has graced audiences including diplomats and the Expo 2020 in Dubai.

Ellie Samples

digital marketing executive

JDR team - Ellie Samples

Ellie ensures that our clients campaigns are running successfully and assists the account mangers in producing results for our clients. An integral part of the team, Ellie has already shown an excellent affinity with understanding the work involved and producing excellent results as part of our team. A woman on the go, Ellie can be found doing daily work outs or walking her pet bulldog Daisy. But don’t let the activity fool you, Ellie is also often found with a cocktail in one hand and some salt n’ vinegar crisps in the other!

Ann Daniels

business development executive

JDR team - Ann Daniels

Ann is a valuable part of the marketing team and using her unique style thrives in helping business owners achieve their goals. An avid reader in a wide range of topics from personal development to sci-fi. Ann is currently working on her own novel (in her spare time of course!) and loves nothing more than walking her Chihuahua Bella.

Henry Bartlett

Campaign Manager

JDR team - Henry Bartlett

Henry began his career in marketing because he has a strong passion for helping business owners to make their businesses thrive! Henry enjoys nothing more than seeing a client happy and successful. With a background in football journalism and being a HUGE Manchester United fan, he has a few rivals in the office. Henry loves listening to podcasts in the evenings and heading to the gym. He often ventures to the gym in the morning but he'll need a significant boost of motivation!

Jessica Butler

Campaign Manager

JDR team - Jessica Butler

With a great deal of experience in the industry as well as a degree in commercial photography, Jess is a fantastic addition to our creative team with a keen eye for design. Unlike our other JDR employees, Jess doesn't like a typical domestic dog, she is a huge lover of sloths! If she isn't at a sloth sanctuary, Jess often spends her free time searching for concert tickets, with Coldplay being one of her favourite bands. So when she isn't at the office or working out, you will find her fighting for tickets to see her favourite pop artists!

Kerry Baker

social media manager

JDR team - Kerry Baker

Kerry is our social media manager, she works closely with our clients to create social media strategies and produce engaging social media content that will develop brands, generate leads and increase sales. She has a real passion for social media and a slightly unhealthy obsession with Pinterest. When her free time isn’t being taken up with her 2 daughters you will find her pinning in a corner, looking for vintage finds, or watching marvel films!

Danielle Connell

Campaign Manager

JDR team - Danielle Connell

Danni is a dynamic individual whose interests traverse both physical and artistic realms. An avid rock climber and skilled in the harmonies of guitar and vocals, she has recently embarked on a journey into digital graphics. Balancing an appreciation for nature through walks in the scenic Peak District with a passion for painting and art, Danni's cultural interests also extend to the enchanting world of Harry Potter.

Rhys Laven

content co-ordinator

JDR team - Rhys Laven

Rhys grew up in the heart of the Amber Valley district in Derbyshire with a passion for cooking. After three years of training in college, Rhys decided that the demanding work environment and long 90 hour weeks in the kitchen weren't for him. He went on to study English Literature and Creative Writing at Derby University, earning both a BA and an MA degree. Rhys then found his way to JDR, where he is using his writing skills to excel our creative department.

Ruby Holyoak

Campaign Manager

JDR team - Ruby Holyoak

Ruby has a strong passion for literature after doing an English degree in Durham...she didn't manage to pick up the accent though! Her favourite book genre is fantasy and this helps her to write engaging content for our clients, especially for their blogs. In Ruby's spare time she loves binge-watching TV and spending quality time with her family and friends.

John-James Clarke

Content Coordinator

JDR team - John-James Clarke

Meet John, a Sheffield University graduate who studied English literature. Born and raised in Derby, he now resides with his two rabbits and his girlfriend. John's hobbies include rock climbing, playing chess, and he has a passion for film. When not scaling rocks or strategizing his next chess move, John can be found immersed in a good book or enjoying a new film.

Sophie Teece

Digital Marketing Assistant

JDR team - Sophie Teece

Sophie is a vibrant and creative individual with a passion for marketing and assisting businesses in reaching their full potential. In addition to her marketing expertise, she also lends a helping hand to her partner in the realm of block paving and brings her artistic touch to the creative side of driveways. When she's not busy making an impact in the business world, Sophie loves to unwind by indulging in new films on Netflix.

James Frith

Campaign Manager

JDR team - James Frith

James is a First Degree Graduate (BA) in Journalism from The University of Derby who takes great pleasure in delivering satisfying results. A passionate Manchester United supporter, he starts his mornings at the gym and spends around 90,000 minutes each year indulging in his love for music on Spotify. Additionally, James is an avid cinema goer with weekly visits and stays updated on the gaming industry, particularly Halo, where he once ranked among the Top 500 players globally.

Jeel Shah

Digital Marketing Executive

JDR team - Jeel Shah

Meet Jeel, an avid Digital Marketer with a sharp focus on Paid Media strategies. Hailing from Mumbai, Jeel is dedicated to achieving excellence in all aspects of life, both personally and professionally, consistently striving to surpass expectations and leave a lasting impact. With a passion for continuous learning fueling his drive, Jeel also finds joy in cricket matches and immersing himself in the world of cinema during his downtime.

Ben Lucas

Digital Marketing Executive

JDR team - Ben Lucas

Meet Ben, our meticulous numbers enthusiast with a background in engineering, data, and a degree in digital marketing. When he's not knee-deep in spreadsheets and checklists, you can find him delving into the worlds of Dungeons and Dragons or on the football field kicking goals. A self-proclaimed Formula 1 aficionado, Ben also enjoys unwinding with a good book, mastering the kitchen, or indulging in some virtual adventures through video games.

Chelsea Doualehi

Content Coordinator

JDR team - Chelsea Doualehi

Meet Chelsea, our vibrant team member hailing from Ivory Coast with roots in France, where her digital marketing journey ignited. With a first-class degree from Coventry University, Chelsea brings a unique perspective to the table. When she's not immersing herself in the world of fashion or uncovering hidden gems at thrift shops, you'll likely find her engaging in lively conversations, belting out tunes, or indulging in her guilty pleasure: a hearty happy meal.

Mia Katola

Content Coordinator

JDR team - Mia Katola

Meet Mia, our literature-loving marketing maven who honed her skills at the University of Derby. When she's not immersed in crafting compelling content campaigns, you can catch her gliding through life on roller skates, hitting the pavement for summertime runs, or pumping iron at the gym. Mia's passion for literature extends beyond the office as she works on developing her own blog, sharing insights on her favorite books and literary adventures.

Azucena Mugnier

Content Coordinator

JDR team - Azucena Mugnier

Meet Azu, our multitalented journalist with a penchant for adventure and baking. Hailing from a background in science and journalism from Newcastle and Nottingham, Azu's passion for storytelling is matched by her love for baking and diving into romantic or fantastical worlds, especially on rainy days. When she's not saddling up for a horseback ride or exploring new countries (with 30 already under her belt!), Azu is likely planning her next globe-trotting escapade, eager to uncover more of the world's wonders.

Ashlesha Pimpalwar


JDR team - Ashlesha Pimpalwar

Ash, originally trained as an architect in India, transitioned to a career website in design, driven by a passion for blending creativity with functionality. Beyond design, Ash indulges in exploring various cultures through travel and culinary adventures. On days when adventure time is limited, Ash enjoys a quick getaway with a picnic basket of snacks and a captivating novel in hand.

Tom Bull

Digital Marketing Assistant

JDR team - Tom Bull

Meet Tom, our adventurous Digital Marketing enthusiast hailing from Derby; when he's not hitting the ski slopes or exploring new cities across the world, you'll find him passionately navigating the world of digital strategies with creativity and finesse, fueled by his lifelong interest in the dynamic field of marketing.

Shafi Reza

Digital Marketing Executive

JDR team - Shafi Reza

Shafi has worked within the marketing industry for several years and has a passion for working with clients to elevate their marketing presence! His creativity does not stop there. Outside of his professional life, he enjoys graphic design and working on canvas paintings. Keeping him disciplined in all these areas of life, he spends time working out, whether it’s fitness at the gym or martial arts.


Digital Marketing Executive


Taran is a PPC and web conversion expert, harnessing a passion for travel and vegetarian cuisine to bring a rich tapestry of cultural insights into their work. She finds inspiration in the worlds of literature and film, and stays mentally and physically active through sports like badminton and table tennis. Taran's artistic side shines through their mastery of tabla and harmonium, where she crafts captivating melodies and rhythmical expressions.

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Case Studies & Example Results

Here are a few example case studies & example results - too see more go to our Case Studies page or watch this video.

Traffic increase for consultancy business

This case study is from the professional services sector - a small, specialist firm of consultants. The background of the business was a group of partners that had performed a management buyout a few years ago - and while they are subject matter experts, they are not experts in sales and marketing and had no method (other than word of mouth) of winning new accounts.



This case study comes from a specialist machine manufacturer who sell products worldwide and wanted to improve their digital/online presence, to compliment the sales they achieve through trade shows/exhibitions. They have a technical product, which involves a large capital investment from customers, so there is a long sales cycle. We have been working with them since June 2016 to develop their marketing... this is their story.


Ecommerce website growth in Organic Traffic-1

This client is a manufacturer who sell via resellers and to trade customers, but decided to open up an E-commerce website in 2013 to allow them to sell direct to the general public. The new website provided a useful source of additional leads as well as sales with better margins and better cash flow, but did not take off so after a frustrating experience with a previous marketing agency, they decided to start working with JDR in 2017. 



Over the course of 14 years we have worked on hundreds, even thousands of marketing campaigns - ranging from traditional outbound campaigns (telemarketing, direct mail, events etc) to modern inbound techniques (SEO, content, social media etc). In the past two years we have developed something which goes beyond a campaign, or individual marketing tactics - we've developed an entire system for sales and marketing that helps businesses grow.


JDR Group 3 Year Results Review - Leads and Enquiries Increasing

When people are considering working with us, the main question is 'what results can I expect?' In the marketing industry, false hopes are a problem - marketing agencies often over promise, which leads to customers becoming disappointed and even disillusioned with marketing as a whole. At JDR, we try to paint a realistic picture and also to avoid making specific forecasts - but we can share examples of other clients' results. We do this through our marketing case studies, but in this article we can share the average results that our customers get - and even track these results over a three year period.



Wrendale Designs is a giftware company, selling B2B and B2C, who have experienced massive growth over the past few years. Unfortunately, their technology stack hadn’t kept up with the speed of their growth and they were outgrowing their systems. The various platforms marketing, sales, and service were using were cobbled together and all data was siloed. Marketing was fractured across MailChimp, their website, and their ERP, with no sync between the three platforms. They wanted to monitor their marketing success and better communicate with their customers.