If your business is still relying on spreadsheets or Outlook/email contacts only then you know how time consuming this is! Not to mention the fact that your business is working in silos which is not easy for you to analyse and define where your strengths and weaknesses are.  Working blind you are leaving money on the table! Now is the time for change.  THERE IS AN EASIER WAY!

  • Increase team efficiency and overall service
  • Really understand what is going on in your business
  • Get better results (and return on investment) from your marketing
  • Increase the value and saleability of your business

And the best part is - you can do all this with one piece of software!  With many of these features coming out of the box FREE! 

  • Keep a record of your team’s communication with all of your customers
  • Track your sales pipeline
  • Track your salespeople’s activity 
  • Measure the return on investment from your marketing 
  • Run email marketing campaigns Follow up every lead
  • Create email templates

A CRM is such a powerful tool, it will revolutionise your business.  

Call to talk to us about how we can help you find, implement and use a CRM system to improve sales & customer service in your business, including setting it all up for you, customising it to your business and working with you and your team to help to use it as effectively as possible.

The right CRM will simplify your processes while at the same time giving you control. When you have the ability to track every conversation, every action, every purchase as well as gather data on your conversion rates etc etc etc……you will have a real grasp of the heartbeat of your business.

With real clarity you will be able to make better, more informed decisions and get rid of the guess work for good.  Which means that you can increase your efficiency as well as profitability.

JDR Group can help your business identify the right CRM system for your needs, get it set up and configured for you (including importing your existing contacts), and then provide training and support for you and your salespeople. We can help ensure you don’t waste money, and that your CRM system doesn’t simply become an expensive ‘address book’.

To find out more, let’s start a conversation - you can book a call with one of our experts using our online diary link. There’s no cost and we can provide some free initial advice as well as discuss your options with you. So let’s talk - Click here to book a call with an expert.


Book an initial 20-minute online chat with Andy to find out:

>> How we can help you achieve your goals

>> How you can improve your sales and marketing

>> And get useful, actionable tips & advice



What Is A CRM System?

CRM stands for Customer Relationship Management; it is software that allows you to keep track of all of your business contacts including customers and prospects as well as suppliers and partners. 

There are thousands of different CRM systems on the market, ranging from free software to systems that cost hundreds of thousands of pounds. There are standalone CRM systems, and there are many other forms of business software that include a CRM module – for example accountancy software, marketing software, ERP software, etc.

CRM Systems allow you to:

Keep a record of your team’s communication with all of your customers

Many CRM systems sync with your email and allow your team to add notes and record calls, meetings, etc.

Track your sales pipeline

So you can see the progress of all of your sales opportunities and quotes. This allows you to track your conversion rates and to run sales forecasts easily.

Track your salespeople’s activity

Keep track of the number of calls, emails and meetings done from each of your salespeople, and track their effectiveness at converting leads into new customers.

Measure the return on investment from your marketing

Track the source of all new leads and enquiries and measure the effectiveness of your marketing.

Run email marketing campaigns

Many CRM systems allow you to segment your contact database into specific groups, and to then send mailshots to those groups.

Follow up every lead

Having a centralised database means no lead or enquiry gets left behind or forgotten about.

Create email templates

You can create standardised emails for sending and following up quotes, as well as prospecting and nurturing leads. This makes your sales process more consistent, measurable and saves time for you and your salespeople.

Why Use A CRM System?

A CRM System can do the following:
Systemise and improve your sales process

A CRM system gives you a way of standardising and documenting your sales process. You can take the emails and processes that you or your best salespeople follow, and then make those processes standard across all your salespeople.

Make your salespeople more efficient

With quick access to all of your contacts, quick access to templates and resources and calendar reminders, your salespeople can do more with less.

Automate your sales process

Use automated email sequences to follow up and stay in touch with lower priority leads/opportunities, use automated lead scoring to alert salespeople to the most interested prospects.

Improve sales performance

CRM systems allow you to measure the performance of your individual salespeople, and your sales system overall. This gives you the information you need to see where you need to improve either your system or the performance of individual members of the team.

Motivate and manage your sales team

Measurement of activity and results leads to more activity and better results – your salespeople will be able to track and measure their own activity, link it to their results/commission and also compare themselves and compete with other members of the sales team.

Increase the value of your business

Some businesses are purchased purely for their database, so your contact database has value by itself. The bigger it is, and the richer the information, the more value it has. But beyond that, having a system that helps manage your sales and marketing, and having systemised sales processes makes it easier for any would-be buyer to take the reins and maintain continuity after they buy the business.

Connect Your Sales & Marketing

As a marketing agency, we believe that the greatest power with CRM comes when it is connected to your marketing – so that you can:

  • Automatically track the source of every new customer or enquiry
  • Get alerts whenever your leads and customers visit your website
  • Get insights about your prospect’s behaviour – see which pages of your website your new prospects have been to, which emails they have opened, and much more
  • Automate follow up and lead nurturing

This is done with the use of marketing automation software as part of, or connected to your CRM system. JDR Group are a marketing automation agency, we work with a variety of different marketing automation software platforms. Some are standalone, and many, like HubSpot, have their own CRM systems built-in.

HubSpot’s FREE CRM System

We work with many CRM systems, but in our own business we use HubSpot’s CRM system. HubSpot provides a free CRM system, which for many SMEs is a fantastic way to get started with CRM. We often recommend the HubSpot CRM for our marketing clients as it enables us to measure and track the results of their marketing, as well as providing a fantastic CRM system – for more on this go to ‘How JDR Can Measure Your Sales & Marketing Effectiveness With HubSpot.’

JDR Group are HubSpot partners, we use HubSpot extensively in our own sales and marketing and we have worked with HubSpot since 2012.

We also have a number of comparison guides for HubSpot:

>> HubSpot vs Salesforce
>> HubSpot vs Zoho
>> HubSpot vs Mailchimp

The Definitive Guide To

Selling Better And Faster

In order to grow your organisation, a steady stream of income is required. Download this FREE guide to selling better and faster and learn more about:

>> The secret to accelerating sales growth

>> How using a CRM effectively can rescue your business

>> How to ensure nothing falls through the cracks

>> How to cement your sales process

>> How to eradicate time-consuming data entry

>> How to find "good fitting" prospects in record time

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JDR Group: More Than Just A CRM Consultant

If you are considering a CRM system for your business, you will probably be looking to increase sales and grow your business.

The fact is, to achieve these things, you may need more than just a CRM system, and we can help you develop a complete sales and marketing system.

Our Six Step Marketing System

Over the past ten years, we have created a comprehensive 6-step sales and marketing system which we use and follow in our own business as well as with many small and medium sized businesses around the UK.


We can help you develop your messages, your USPs, your branding and develop a wider marketing strategy including your website, SEO, email marketing, lead generation and more.


We can help you improve your sales systems and processes to convert more leads and enquiries successfully.


To get the best results, you may need to develop, improve or even redesign your website – this is something we can do for you.


We write articles, guides, eBooks and blogs for a wide range of different businesses in a variety of different industries, as well as creating videos, and visual content (like infographics). We can create content for your business too – so you can have this content 100% ‘done for you’.


It’s vital not to let a single lead slip through the net, and also to track how every lead is dealt with – this requires a good CRM system and it to be used effectively by you and/or your salespeople. We advise business owners on cost-effective (often free) CRM systems, and set up and implement CRM for them as well as providing training so that you and your team actually use it effectively.


Not all leads will buy straight away, you’ll need to follow up effectively and persistently in order to get the best possible results from any lead generation activity and marketing investment. We can help, with use of CRM system, but also email marketing, retargeting, and using automated follow up systems using marketing automation software.


As a client of JDR, you’ll know where every single lead, enquiry and sale has come from, so we know which marketing efforts are working and which ones are not. We set up systems to track inbound phone calls, emails, form submissions and online transactions/sales via your website, and then to track what happens to every new contact past the initial enquiry or purchase.