A Guide To Digital Marketing Costs & Pricing

On this page we will give you a guide to the costs of digital marketing and answer the following questions:

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How Much Should You Budget For Marketing?

The standard business advice is to invest between 5-15% of your annual revenue in marketing. What you invest in marketing depends on your goals (the faster you want to grow, the more you'll be investing, for example). It is also affected by your industry sector. If you sell consumer products, you may need to invest as much as 20-25% of your annual revenue in marketing - whereas if you are a manufacturing or engineering business 5-10% would be a good budget.

The UK Average Is 9.3% Of Annual Revenue 

The 2019 YouGov survey shows that the average marketing budget in the UK is 9.3% of annual revenue. So for a £1m turnover business, that would mean a £93k annual marketing budget/spend.

US based surveys, like the 2020 CMO survey found that for SMEs, that figure is higher, at 11.4%.

Do you under-invest in marketing?

Many business owners do, because they don't believe they will get a return on investment (or haven't with what they have tried before).

But marketing does work. Watch the video below or read our article on the 5 ways marketing gives you a return on investment.


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FREE Marketing Pricing Calculator

A Guide To JDR Group's Pricing & Costs For Digital Marketing

Every marketing programme we put together is tailored to the needs of your particular business. This is based on your industry, competition, your goals, your in-house resources and existing agency relationships and so on. 

Big companies will usually have entire department dedicated to marketing. This can include web developers, graphic designers, copywriters, search marketing specialists, social media/content marketing specialists, project managers, even videographers.

There are three ways to give your business this type of marketing resource:

  1. Do it all in-house - there are benefits to doing all your marketing in-house. As a small business though, it is expensive - as you can't find any one person that can do every part. You either need to try and find one highly-paid superstar, or (more likely) 3-4 individuals. When you hire in-house, there is an investment of your time too. You have to manage, train and support these team members.
  2. Hire multiple agencies - you could have several marketing agencies working for you. This could include a web design agency, an SEO agency, a Google Ads agency, a marketing consultant, and a social media marketing agency.
  3. Hire JDR Group - with JDR you get an all-in-one, done-for-you marketing service. It's all in one place, with one point of contact.

A typical marketing programme with JDR will cost a similar amount to hiring an in-house marketing person. Instead of getting one person, though, you are getting an entire marketing department.

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Get A Fully Customised, Tailored Marketing Plan For Your Business

We have no 'set' packages - each client is different. We work out the right proposal for you based on your goals, your starting point, your market place, your competition and your budget. It all starts with a free discovery call to meet each other and find out how we can help your business. Click here to book your free, 30-minute discovery call to get the ball rolling!

JDR Group Custom Marketing Plan Process
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Use Our Marketing Campaign Pricing Calculator

Build Your Own Marketing Programme With Our Instant Budget Calculator

The best way to find out exactly what a marketing programme with JDR Group will cost is to speak to our team. We will work out a tailored programme for you. If you'd like to get an instant idea, you can also use our marketing campaign pricing calculator below:



Why Work With JDR Group As Your Digital Marketing Agency?

The benefits of working with JDR Group are:

  • There is more accountability by having one agency handling everything
  • One agency to work with saves time and money
  • You don't have to train or to lead the programme, it will be project managed and driven by us
  • No sick pay, holidays or HR to deal with
  • We don’t leave to join a competitor or for a better job
  • Experience and know-how – no learning on the job
  • Mature systems and processes, following a proven model 
Your own marketing department
Big companies will usually have an entire department dedicated to marketing. This will often include a marketing director, and marketing managers working below them.
 The marketing department can also include:
  • Web developers
  • Graphic designers
  • Copywriters
  • Search marketing specialists
  • Social media managers
  • Project managers
  • Videographers

Most small & medium sized-businesses simply don't have these types of resources.

A Virtual, Outsourced marketing department
By hiring JDR Group, you are getting your own outsourced, virtual marketing department. You can get:
  • Strategy consulting & planning
  • A dedicated campaign manager running your programme and providing monthly reporting
  • A content co-ordinator planning articles, case studies and ebooks/guides with you
  • Writers producing content - writing articles, case studies, guides and more for you
  • Search marketers working at your SEO and Google Ads
  • A web developer able to handle the technical aspects of your website
  • A project manager to oversee web design, brochure design and other one-off projects
  • A social media marketing team to run your social activity 


Watch Below To See Our Average Results & Example Case Studies:

clients that work with JDR
Traffic increase for consultancy business

This case study is from the professional services sector - a small, specialist firm of consultants. The background of the business was a group of partners that had performed a management buyout a few years ago - and while they are subject matter experts, they are not experts in sales and marketing and had no method (other than word of mouth) of winning new accounts.



This case study comes from a specialist machine manufacturer who sell products worldwide and wanted to improve their digital/online presence, to compliment the sales they achieve through trade shows/exhibitions. They have a technical product, which involves a large capital investment from customers, so there is a long sales cycle. We have been working with them since June 2016 to develop their marketing... this is their story.


Ecommerce website growth in Organic Traffic-1

This client is a manufacturer who sell via resellers and to trade customers, but decided to open up an E-commerce website in 2013 to allow them to sell direct to the general public. The new website provided a useful source of additional leads as well as sales with better margins and better cash flow, but did not take off so after a frustrating experience with a previous marketing agency, they decided to start working with JDR in 2017. 



Over the course of 14 years we have worked on hundreds, even thousands of marketing campaigns - ranging from traditional outbound campaigns (telemarketing, direct mail, events etc) to modern inbound techniques (SEO, content, social media etc). In the past two years we have developed something which goes beyond a campaign, or individual marketing tactics - we've developed an entire system for sales and marketing that helps businesses grow.


JDR Group 3 Year Results Review - Leads and Enquiries Increasing

When people are considering working with us, the main question is 'what results can I expect?' In the marketing industry, false hopes are a problem - marketing agencies often over promise, which leads to customers becoming disappointed and even disillusioned with marketing as a whole. At JDR, we try to paint a realistic picture and also to avoid making specific forecasts - but we can share examples of other clients' results. We do this through our marketing case studies, but in this article we can share the average results that our customers get - and even track these results over a three year period.



Wrendale Designs is a giftware company, selling B2B and B2C, who have experienced massive growth over the past few years. Unfortunately, their technology stack hadn’t kept up with the speed of their growth and they were outgrowing their systems. The various platforms marketing, sales, and service were using were cobbled together and all data was siloed. Marketing was fractured across MailChimp, their website, and their ERP, with no sync between the three platforms. They wanted to monitor their marketing success and better communicate with their customers.


Digital Marketing Services Reviews

Here is a small sample of some of the reviews of our digital marketing services:

JDR have been managing my digital marketing for a few years now and I have always found them to be efficient, effective and highly professional. Their design and implementation of our new website was great and resulted in a large amount of positive feedback from old and new customers. I would highly recommend their services.

Andrea Rodney

We are using JDR for our marketing requirements. FB,LNKDN and google advertising, SEO and more. They are very professional and very switched on. They are also very malleable when it comes to changing aspects of their services even at the drop of a hat. We consider them an extension  of our company as if they were in an house department. Highly recommended.

Alan MacDonald

We have been working with JDR for 2 years now and they have helped bring our business forward immensely. From creating & implementing a solid marketing strategy, to building a new website for us.

Victoria Parkinson

Expert team providing fantastic advice and guidance leading to a terrific great new website and associated digital marketing content and approach for the business. Already providing new leads within weeks of implementation. Thanks to the whole team!

James Farrell

What a great company to deal with from start to finish, with not being very technical they helped all the way, with ideas art works and contents. Our campaign manager is great and very informative. Since starting with the JDR group 10 months ago we have already seen a massive increase in sales enquiries which has turned into new customers coming on-board. Thank you to you all at JDR Group.

Beth Lawson

We have been working with JDR since March 2015 as a result of a recommendation from one of our customers.

JDR provide us with a complete marketing solution, expert advice and technical support. We have successfully increased our leads, enquiries and sales as a result.

We have no hesitation in recommending their services.

Ann Aken

Starting our journey with JDR could have come at a better time and their personal yet professional support has been so valuable for our company. Personally, I was transitioning from maternity leave back to my marketing role and working with our campaign manager at JDR has given my return to work even more purpose and direction. Our campaign manager has been a fantastic help in making this transition and our new drive into digital marketing so seamless and an exciting new venture for the business.

Jessica Jones

I have been working with JDR for 9 months now, on generating blogs and SEO for our on line presence. Having used various agencies over the years I find the feedback and clarity of analysis from JDR very straight forward and easy to understand, which has resulted in a significant uplift on the ROI for our digital marketing budget, and a confidence that we are targeting the most effective actions. Our campaign manager really seems to understand what I am trying to achieve and is very patient with me. As a small business owner this is the first time I have had this level of confidence in my marketing spend.

Sally Roberts

We've worked with JDR Group for 2 years now, they act as our go to partner for digital marketing and help manage our HubSpot portal and website. During the time we've worked with them we've had great service and found them to be professional, knowledgeable and helpful. They've helped to bridge the gap between sales and marketing and given us a clear marketing plan going forward. We are increasing traffic and leads, and are winning new customers as a result.

Mark Taylor


Get A Tailored Marketing Programme To Meet The Unique Needs Of Your Business

All our marketing programmes are different and 100% tailored.
When planning a marketing programme, we factor in:
  • Your industry
  • Your competition
  • Your goals
  • Your existing resources
  • Your starting point
  • Your budget

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