JDR Group Average Results Reviewed - Before/After Comparison & 3 Year Progress

JDR Group 3 Year Results Review - Leads and Enquiries IncreasingWhen people are considering working with us, the main question is 'what results can I expect?'

In the marketing industry, false hopes are a problem - marketing agencies often over promise, which leads to customers becoming disappointed and even disillusioned with marketing as a whole.

At JDR, we try to paint a realistic picture and also to avoid making specific forecasts - but we can share examples of other clients' results. We do this through our marketing case studies, but in this article we can share the average results that our customers get - and even track these results over a three year period.

One of the services we offer is a formal website and marketing audit, together with a full report, called an inbound marketing strategy blueprint report.

Over the years we have audited and reviewed a high number of websites for small and medium sized businesses over a wide range of different industries. Some businesses will then hire us to improve their marketing, some won't and will just do the report alone.

What kick-started the following research was an internal question about people who had hired us to evaluate and assess their marketing and NOT gone ahead with us.

Had their websites improved since we did the report? 

In reviewing this, we then asked 'how does that compare with the people that DID go ahead and work with us?'

The Average Starting Point

We looked at the stats from 41 marketing reports which we had commissioned - all of which were at least 12 months or more ago. 19 of these businesses did not go ahead and work with us beyond this initial report, 22 did.

There were four main figures:

  1. Number of monthly website leads/enquiries (or sales, if E-commerce) - the average was 16 per month (these figures are generally estimated by the business owners, and we couldn't get this data for all businesses as not everyone measures/tracks this - so this is an average of the ones that were able to provide a figure).
  2. Monthly website visitors - the average was 1369 visitors per month (although this was skewed by a small handful of businesses with high traffic levels - without these the average was closer to 700 visits per month). This was measured from Google Analytics, taking an average of the last 12 months.
  3. Domain authority - the average score was 15.9 (out of 100). Domain authority is a metric from SEO software company Moz - who define it as follows: "Domain Authority (DA) is a search engine ranking score developed by Moz that predicts how likely a website is to rank on search engine result pages (SERPs). A Domain Authority score ranges from one to 100, with higher scores corresponding to a greater ability to rank."
  4. Website score - the average score was 56.5 (out of 100). This score is a metric from our website audit reports, which evaluate a website based on a number of factors including social media presence, mobile usability, load speed, search engine traffic, backlinks and more.

What were the average results for JDR Group customers?

From the list of 41 businesses we had done the initial analysis for, we looked at the businesses who had chosen to work with JDR beyond the initial marketing report - and these were the average improvements since the report (this was from reports done 12 months ago, so these results were between 1-3 years since the original report):

1. Leads/Enquiries From The Website

A 6x increase - From 16 per month to 100 per month

The average starting point was 16 leads/enquiries per month (15.9 to be precise) - this had increased to an average of 100 leads/enquiries per month (again, the exact figure was 100.2).

There are some remarkable success stories within these averages, including:

  • A transport business that achieved a 93x increase in website traffic and now getting 30 enquiries a month
  • An Ecommerce business that grew to achieve the number of online sales they would normally do in an entire year in one month
  • A B2C company that grew from 20 enquiries a month to over 600 enquiries a month
  • A small engineering firm that has grown from 2 enquiries a month to 50 a month

You can take a look at some specific marketing case studies here to read these individual stories.

Click HERE to see what JDR Group can do for your business

2. Website Traffic (Number Of Unique Visitors)

A 2.5x increase - from 1,369 to 4,487 visits per month

The average starting point of the websites we reviewed was 1,369 visits per month. The 22 businesses that did go ahead and work with JDR had shown a significant increase, to 4,487.5 visits per month.

This is a 2.5x, or 150% increase, and more than double the original starting point.

What about the businesses that didn't work with JDR?

On reviewing their Google Analytics, traffic to the 19 businesses that did not go ahead actually dropped - to an average of 881 visits per month. This is a 31% drop in website visitors. Here's how the two groups compare, in graph form:

Monthly Website Visitors - JDR Group Before and Afters

3. Domain Authority

An increase of 33% - to 20/100

The average starting domain authority for the businesses that worked with JDR went from 15.2 to 20.2 - a 33% increase.

The businesses that didn't saw a reduction in domain authority, from 15.8 to 13.2.

Domain Authority - JDR Group Before and Afters

4. Website Score

An increase to 75/100 - a 17-point increase

The average starting website score for the businesses that worked with JDR went from 57.6 to 74.7 (out of 100).

The businesses that didn't, however, also saw a small increase in this metric to 58.1 (from 52.2). This appears to have been driven by a number of businesses from this group updating/revamping their websites - so their website score improved, even if their website traffic and rankings have not.

Website Score - JDR Group Before and Afters

These results show that when you apply systematic marketing over a period of time there is clear, measurable progress - and it seems that many of the businesses that didn't work with us not only chose not to do any marketing with JDR, but in most cases not to do any further digital marketing at all, leading to a decline in results.

Looking again at the businesses that did go ahead, however, we wanted to look beyond the average improvements and see what the trajectory was over time. Were these gains and improvements made in a few months and then results plateaued after that, or was there consistent growth?


Results Keep Improving - Tracking Progress Over 3 Years

We took a look at the average results of 9 businesses where: they had accurate leads/enquiry data from the start, and where they have worked with JDR for 3+years. Here's what this looks like in graph format - below is the average growth in website traffic (monthly website visitors) over a 3 year period:

JDR Group 3 Year Results Reviewed - Website Traffic Increasing

Here is the growth in monthly website leads/enquiries:JDR Group 3 Year Results Review - Leads and Enquiries Increasing

Here is the raw data in table form:

  START Yr 1 Yr 2 Yr 3
Website Traffic (Monthly Website Visitors) 539 1,292 1,638 1,814
Monthly Leads/Enquiries 6 17 25 31
Conversion Rate % 1.1% 1.3% 1.5% 1.7%

This shows that by working with JDR Group as your marketing agency, you will see significant progress in the first 12 months (see our average results in the first 12 months in another article here), but also that the results will continue to get better and better over time. This is consistent with our own experience with inbound marketing (as in the marketing that JDR do for ourselves) as well as with our experience with clients.

Again, you can see specific examples of this in our case studies section.

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