At JDR Group, we are proud to have achieved Google Partner status, and this gives us a number of benefits to pass on to your business.

  • Our expertise means we get great results on PPC campaigns, which means a great ROI for you.
  • We have access to Google training, support and news of upcoming features and changes.
  • We are given vouchers and made aware of offers that can save you money.

We are proud to display our Google Partner badge as a trusted sign of quality, expertise and our ability to help you succeed online.

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What Is A Google Partner?

Google Partner status is achieved by passing Google AdWords product certification exams, and continuing to meet Google’s exacting standards for ongoing proficiency in online advertising and growth management.

Gaining certifications requires an in-depth knowledge of online advertising practices, including value propositioning, and the setup, management, measurement and optimisation of AdWords campaigns.

At JDR our team have also achieved certification as experts within the following areas:

  • Search Advertising
  • Display Advertising
  • Mobile Advertising
  • Video Advertising
  • Shopping Advertising

To meet the criteria for becoming an official Google Partner, we have also proven our ability to deliver revenue growth for our clients, using recommended best practices to maximise campaign success.

Key Benefits Of Working With A Google Partner

At JDR, as Google Partners, in addition to attaining the coveted badge, we benefit from access to the latest tools, techniques, training and support resources from Google. This enables us to maintain an advanced level of knowledge and expertise, using the latest features to help our clients maximise ROI on every campaign.

With access to dedicated support we are also able to resolve queries relating to our client’s accounts efficiently.

Google monitors and reviews its partners to ensure customers receive high performance from their AdWords campaigns. Accredited partners must continue to provide a high quality service to retain their status.

Choosing a Google Partner to support your digital growth strategy will ensure your AdWords campaigns are managed effectively, using the newest PPC best practice strategies.

Using A Google Partner For Google AdWords Management

Knowing how to apply the right AdWords features and tools can significantly increase the performance of your campaigns. At JDR, our growth experts have proven experience in every aspect of AdWords campaign management, including extensive knowledge of how to use every feature and setting.

Working with a Google Partner, like JDR, will increase the profitability and effectiveness of your campaigns and provide your business with access to powerful new tools, ahead of the competition.

An Introductory Guide On

How To use Google Adwords

Download our free guide ‘How To Use Google AdWords’ to receive our straightforward introduction to Pay Per Click marketing. Find out how to attract customers and increase sales conversions by setting up and managing your PPC campaigns effectively from the start.

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JDR’s Google AdWords Management Service

Google AdWords is a powerful and cost-effective way to direct valuable prospects to your website, but only when set up correctly. Generating a positive investment from AdWords takes time, knowledge and experience. At JDR, our experienced PPC experts specialise in every element of Google AdWords Management.

Our Google AdWords Management Service includes:

Keyword Analysis – We identify the keywords guaranteed to attract valuable traffic and exclude unwanted traffic using negative keywords.

Campaign Setup – We specialise in advert composition, campaign settings, bid strategy and add extensions; to maximise CTR, and minimise cost per click.

Campaign Management – Using best practice techniques, split testing and landing page optimisation, we’ll help you achieve the maximum results for every keyword, and increase your quality score. Using search term reports and a host of invaluable Dimensions diagnostics, our process of constant analysis, evaluation and adjustment, ensures high performance and controlled costs.

Enjoy Success With Google AdWords

At JDR, our AdWords specialists replace trial and error with experience and expertise, to save you time and money. Contact us today to take the first steps towards business success with Google AdWords.