The Importance Of Brand Identity

Having a consistent brand identity is a key component in winning recognition and trust in your marketplace. It goes beyond your logo. It is how you communicate your values, your unique identity and your company’s ‘personality’. It also affects your marketing, the sales figures and other key performance indicators.

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Logo design and branding services
Brand Strategy and Logos

Branding & Brand Strategy including Logo Design

We can work with you to develop, create or refine your brand strategy, then support with the implementation of your new marketing strategy plan. This journey begins with the proposition itself. We can help you define your brand clearly and in a way that will impact your target market. Our development proposition includes logo design, strap-lines, offering advice on what colours and fonts to use and producing brand guideline documents.


Once your brand identity is defined, our team can ensure all your marketing content has a similar atmospheric impression and a consistent message – including the website, emails, brochures, adverts and sales materials.