Grow your sales by combining HubSpot's Sales Professional CRM platform together with this sales enablement and optimisation programme. This will help you:

  • Close more sales - by improving your sales process, systems and sales material

  • Win new customers - with improved prospecting and follow up techniques

  • Increase efficiency - free you and your sales team up for more quality selling time by automating routine sales tasks


Who Is The Sales Enablement & Sales Optimisation Programme For?

Whether your sales team is just you, the business owner, or you have a small team of 1-10 salespeople, this programme is for businesses that want to modernise their sales. It can help you:

  • Move to a virtual/online selling model, or a hybrid of virtual and face-to-face that uses video calls and online meetings as well as in-person meetings
  • Find modern ways of prospecting for new customers - 'knocking on doors' just doesn't work any longer!
  • Systemise your sales process - in business it is better to have an outstanding sales system than an outstanding sales person (the person can leave, the system is yours and you can hire many people to follow it)
  • Get measurability and accountability for your salespeople

How Much Does It Cost & What Is Included?

The programme starts with a 30-day set-up period and then ongoing reviews and reporting. You'll also need a subscription to HubSpot, with a minimum license of 'Sales Professional' needed.

30 Day Set-Up: £2,000 + VAT


Sales strategy workshop

A half-day workshop to define your sales processes for prospecting, quoting and following up (learn more about the sales strategy workshop).

HubSpot sales configuration and training

HubSpot Sales Professional gives you and your team a set of modern sales tools to help them win more business. As part of our set up we will configure anything that is not already set up in your HubSpot CRM (see our HubSpot CRM Implementation programme) but also set up the sales tools for you including:

  • Sequences
  • Workflows
  • Deal Stages
  • One-to-one Sales Video
  • Products
  • Quotes
Video sales training

A training session for your team on how to use video as part of your sales process - find out more about our video selling training.

The Programme Itself: £250 + VAT per month


Monthly sales review and reporting

We will review your team's sales performance each month

  • Identify individual sales/product training needs
  • Identify sales process improvements
  • Review & improve sequence/email performance
  • Identify needs for sales materials - email templates, brochures, video, etc
Ongoing HubSpot support & training

Please Note: We can also provide ongoing sales training - speak to us about adding a professional sales training programme to this package.

Is The Sales Enablement & Sales Optimisation Programme Right For You?

Here's how to know if investing in the Sales Enablement & Sales Optimisation Programme is right for you:

  • If you have already invested in HubSpot Sales but are not getting the best from it yet, then this programme is for you

  • If you want to systemise, streamline and improve your sales process then this programme is for you

  • If you want your sales team to be better measured and better managed, then this programme is for you

  • If you want your sales team to have tools, resources and external help to achieve targets, then this programme is for you

  • If you want to get a modern system for prospecting that helps your sales team get in front of decision makers, then this programme is for you

  • If you want to ensure every single lead and opportunity is followed up systematically, then this programme is for you

Make An Enquiry

To find out more about this programme and to see if it is right for you, schedule a call with us using our online calendar, or use the form provided to make an enquiry or ask a question.

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