Get Your Message Across With This Workshop To Define Your Sales & Marketing Messaging

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This one-day workshop is designed to help you clarify how to position your business against the competition in your marketplace, how to differentiate yourself and provide specific deliverables, so that you will come out of the workshop with:

  • A strapline/USP to go with your logo/branding
  • A headline & positioning statement for use on your website home page, business cards, LinkedIn bio, email signature and more
  • A set of core messages which can be incorporated in your web copy and other marketing materials including quotes and proposals

'Good Service At A Good Price' Isn't Unique

Whenever we ask a business owner 'what makes your business unique?' or 'Why do your customers buy from you rather than any of your competitors?' there are some answers we hear more than any others:

  • 'We provide a good service at a good price'
  • 'We're big enough to cope, but small enough to care'
  • 'Quality'
  • Service'

These answers are vague, and could be used by most of your competitors as well - they don't show how you are any different, or any better, and are used so much by so many businesses that they won't register with your prospects.

Who Is This Workshop For?

Here's how to know if this workshop is for you:

  • If your website explains what you DO but it is not clear why anyone should do it with YOU specifically, then this workshop is for you
  • If your current marketing/sales messages are about quality, service or one of the cliches above, then this workshop is for you 
  • If your team all give different answers to the question 'why should people buy from us?' then this workshop is for you
  • If your brochures, website and other marketing materials lack a clear, consistent message, then this workshop is for you

What Is Included?

This workshop is designed as a one-day workshop, where one of our senior marketing specialists will spend a day with you and your team to clarify and create your differentiation and core messages together with you, although it is also available as a half-day training session where we go through the concepts and give you some resources so that you can then work on the messages by yourself. The workshop includes four sessions:

Session One - USPs & Differentiation:

Why differentiation matters, how it helps your business & how to do it.

Session Two - Competitor Research & Your Market Positioning:

How to understand your place in the market, your relative strengths and weaknesses and looking at your business through the eyes of potential customers.

Session Three - How To Communicate/Present Your USPs, Positioning & Messaging:

Where & how to use straplines, headlines, positioning statements, elevator pitches & core messages and examples of how other businesses have done so successfully.

Session Four - Creating Your Messages:

Time to put pen to paper and start crafting your own strapline, positioning statement and core messages.

Costs & Options

The course is available in 3 options:

Half-day quick-start training: £795 + VAT
  • Condensed, half-day training
  • We give you the tools and information for you to then develop the messages yourself
One-day workshop: £2995 + VAT
  • Full day workshop - which includes the training, but then 
  • Work one-on-one with a marketing strategist to brainstorm and create the deliverables, so that at the end of the session you have:
    • A strapline/USP to go with your logo/branding
    • A headline & positioning statement for use on your website home page, business cards, email signature and more
    • A set of core messages
Advanced positioning & branding consultancy: Custom Pricing - Enquire HERE

If you need to work on more than just your messaging, then we can also work with you on a tailored programme to cover:

  • Branding and brand identity
  • Brand voice/tone
  • Advanced competitor analysis 
  • Market research

To request the USP, Positioning & Messaging Workshop for your business, find out more or to enquire about a specific, tailored programme for your business use the enquiry form provided:

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