When you invest in marketing, you expect to see a benefit, and a return on your investment. This requires measurement, tracking the source of every new lead/enquiry and every sale – which is rare in small businesses. Can you honestly say you know where every enquiry comes from? Can you tell how much revenue has been generated from individual marketing efforts or campaigns?

Until recent years, the only way of tracking where every enquiry and lead came from was to ask them and record the answers in some kind of database or spreadsheet – but now it can all be tracked automatically for you with the right technology.

This includes:
  • Tracking the source (Google ads, LinkedIn, Facebook etc) of every phone enquiry you get from your website using call tracking

  • Tracking the source of every form submission or online purchase from your website

  • Recording the contact details of each and every enquiry, and then tracking the sales process so we know which leads/enquiries have converted into customers
  • Tracking the source of every sale, meaning we can report on revenue generated from different marketing activities

  • Measuring your conversion rates – your website to enquiry conversion rate, and your enquiry to sale conversion rate

  • Measuring the effectiveness of your sales process and salespeople


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Measuring Sales As Well As Marketing

Getting a return on investment from marketing requires sales as well as marketing. Your marketing could be working brilliantly but if the leads and enquiries aren’t converted then there is no return on investment.

Part of the tracking and measurement we put in place involves effective use of a CRM system to monitor your sales conversion rates and performance of your salespeople.

Unlike most marketing agencies, JDR can also help your sales team improve performance to ensure you get the best possible return on investment – see our sales services, workshops and training here.

Tracking And Measurement Produces Return On Investment

The tracking and measurement we put in place means we can report on your return on investment from your marketing, breaking it down to individual marketing channels (Facebook, Google, email etc) and individual campaigns – so you can be confident that the marketing is working for you.

But beyond reporting on ROI, this tracking actually helps us create a return for you – by tracking every element of your sales and marketing we can see what needs to be fixed. We can see what is and isn’t working, allowing us to focus on the activities, keywords or campaigns which are producing the best results and spend less time on the ones that aren’t.

This leads to continuous improvement – in other words, your results get better and better progressively over time.

Analysis And Insight As Part Of Your Marketing

When you work with JDR Group as your marketing agency, you’ll have access to all the reports, analytics and dashboards, but we will monitor, analyse and act on the data for you.

This means you can relax, knowing that your marketing is constantly being reviewed and optimised based on measurable data.

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What ROI Can You Expect From Working With JDR Group As Your Marketing Agency?

Our marketing system shows proven results, indeed a study of the average results after 12 months shows you will get:

  • A 191% Increase in Website Traffic
  • A 654% Increase In Leads/Enquiries Per Month

Watch the video below to see some example results and their return on investment - and you can also read our case studies here.

Tailored To Your Needs, Your Goals And Your Business

Every business is different, and we know you’ll need a marketing programme that is tailored to your needs. When planning a marketing programme, we factor in your website, your existing resources, your in-house team and capabilities, your marketplace and competition and much more.