Kick-Start Your Business Sales With This 90-Day Sales Implementation Programme

If you are a business owners and are responsible for the sales in your business, or you have a small sales teams (1-10 people), this programme will help you win more new customers and grow your sales, both today and for many years into the future of your business.

Designed as a 90-day training programme, this training will ensure your business has solid sales fundamentals in place, giving you and your team structure, systems and strategies to be more successful. You/your salespeople will learn:

  • How to prospect for new business effectively in the modern world
  • How to win more sales from your quotes/proposals
  • How to present and follow up more effectively so you get a better result from sales meetings

It will help you:

  • Manage salespeople more effectively - know what to expect, what they should be doing and how to measure it
  • Get the right mentality and attitude to sales, and avoid the mindset problems that act as a handbrake on your results
  • Get lasting sales results - investing in skills and knowledge will pay you back many times over in the years ahead

Modern Sales Is About Much More Than Just 'Personality'

We often hear business owners say 'I'm not a natural salesperson,' thinking that a 'natural salesperson' is an archetypal slick, fast-talking charmer that could talk you into anything. But in reality, that is exactly the type of salespeople that most people hate dealing with in the real world - buyers don't want to be talked into purchases and can see.

Sales is a skill that can be learned, and there are some fundamentals that can be implemented quickly and simply, many of which are not used even by experienced salespeople.

And for a small business, the key is to have a good sales system - a process that is repeatable, measurable and effective. It is far more important for the future of your business to have an excellent sales system than it is to have excellent salespeople.

This programme will be enjoyable and educational for salespeople, but the real value is for you, the business owner - it is about setting your business up for lasting sales success.

Is This Programme For You?

Here's how to know if this programme is right for you:

  • If you are not winning as much new business as you want, then this is for you
  • If you are not winning as many quotes or proposals as you want to, then this is for you
  • If you have struggled to find good salespeople in your business, then this is for you
  • If you are selling in your business but have never had any formal sales training and are not confident in your sales skills, then this is for you
  • If you want to improve the way you manage your salespeople, then this is for you

This is a programme designed for small sales teams which may be just you (the business owner) or small sales teams of 1-10 salespeople. For small sales teams, it is very important that you (the business owner) attend the programme as well.

To get the most out of this programme, your business should use a CRM system to track your sales - if you don't, you may want to consider our CRM Implementation programme first.

This sales programme is a quick kick-start programme which will give your sales team and results a boost with new strategies, better alignment and better systems. If you would like more ongoing support for you and your sales team, then you may also want to look at our sales enablement services.

What Is Included?

This workshop is designed as a 90-day implementation programme, where one of our senior sales specialists will work with you over a series of four training sessions, each with specific follow up tasks/homework. It is also available as a half-day training session where we go through the concepts and give you some resources so that you can then work on the concepts by yourself. The four sessions are:

Part One - Mentality, Attitude & Sales Fundamentals:

Successful sales is not purely a question of technique, it is about mindset and attitude and the wrong approach will hold you back. In this session we address the most common limiting beliefs, and cover the foundations of sales success.

Part Two - Your Sales Process:

Consistency in your sales team involves having a consistent sales system - a defined process which is measurable and can be optimised to improve results. In this session we help you create a defined and documented sales process.

Part Three - Winning More Quotes & Proposals:

In this session we'll give you best practices and tips for your quotes/proposals and how they are followed up, and critique the way you do it now.

Part Four - Prospecting For New Business: 

Getting through the decision makers and opening new accounts is one of the biggest challenges for modern salespeople - in this session we show how you can use technology to get meetings with the right people to win new customers.

Costs & Options

The programme is available in 3 options:

Half-day quick-start training: £795 + VAT

  • Condensed, half-day training
  • Learn the principles

90-day implementation programme: £2995 + VAT

  • For 1-10 salespeople
  • Four individual training sessions:
    • Session One: Mentality & Sales Fundamentals
    • Session Two: Your Sales Process
    • Session Three: Winning More Quotes & Proposals
    • Session Four: Prospecting For New Business
  • One-to-one feedback is provided as part of this programme

Tailored training, coaching and implementation programme: Custom Pricing - Enquire Below

  • Advanced training
  • Larger sales teams
  • Individual mentoring and coaching

To request this training for your team, find out more or to enquire about a specific, tailored programme for your team, fill out your details on this enquiry form:

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