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We have a team of digital marketing professionals, with specialist experts in search engine optimisation (SEO), social media marketing, Google AdWords/pay per click advertising, display advertising and email marketing. While we can offer advice on any one of these in isolation, you’ll get the best results with a multi-channel approach that engages your customers at all levels of the buying funnel – JDR are uniquely placed to create and implement this type of strategy for you.

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A Digital Marketing Agency With A Difference

Our Six Step Marketing System

Over the past ten years, we have created a comprehensive 6-step sales and marketing system which we use and follow in our own business as well as with many small and medium sized businesses around the UK.

Get A Clear Marketing Strategy

We can help you develop your messages, your USPs, your branding and develop a wider marketing strategy including your website, SEO, email marketing, lead generation and more.

Get An Effective Sales Strategy

We can help you improve your sales systems and processes to convert more leads and enquiries successfully.

Web Design & Development

To get the best results, you may need to develop, improve or even redesign your website – this is something we can do for you.

Content Creation

We write articles, guides, eBooks and blogs for a wide range of different businesses in a variety of different industries, as well as creating videos, and visual content (like infographics). We can create content for your business too – so you can have this content 100% ‘done for you’.


It’s vital not to let a single lead slip through the net, and also to track how every lead is dealt with – this requires a good CRM system and it to be used effectively by you and/or your salespeople. We advise business owners on cost-effective (often free) CRM systems, and set up and implement CRM for them as well as providing training so that you and your team actually use it effectively.

Following Up Leads

Not all leads will buy straight away, you’ll need to follow up effectively and persistently in order to get the best possible results from any lead generation activity and marketing investment. We can help, with use of CRM system, but also email marketing, retargeting, and using automated follow up systems using marketing automation software.

Measurement & Tracking

As a client of JDR, you’ll know where every single lead, enquiry and sale has come from, so we know which marketing efforts are working and which ones are not. We set up systems to track inbound phone calls, emails, form submissions and online transactions/sales via your website, and then to track what happens to every new contact past the initial enquiry or purchase.

Your Questions

What’s your background?

Our background is in business growth. We are also digital marketing specialists certified by Google, Hubspot, Infusionsoft and Duct Tape Marketing – read more about our history here.

What’s your process?

We have a step by step marketing process (which you can read here) – but it all starts with an assessment of your current marketing (our free marketing audit)

What makes you different to any other digital marketing agency?

There are very few marketing agencies around that have the experience, the certifications, and the huge range of skills and knowledge that we have built since 2004. If you want an SEO or PPC agency, then we’ll do a great job for you – but if you want something beyond that then this is where we come into our own, helping you develop an entire marketing strategy and implementing a step by step system using the latest marketing technology to grow your business – find out more here.

Who do you work with?

We work with clients in many different industries, but specialise in B2B marketing. Our ideal clients are businesses who are ambitious, growth orientated with a long term focus and a partnership approach to working with us.



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