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Website Design & Development

Your website is your single most important marketing asset, and will be used by prospective customers, existing customers, potential and existing employees and partners/suppliers.

Almost all your sales and marketing activity will result in people going to the website first before they contact you, and if your website doesn’t work well, all of your marketing becomes less effective and more expensive.

JDR Group Marketing Accreditations

Our Web Design Services Can Give You:

  • A new, custom-designed website - which looks fantastic and which you and your team can be proud of
  • A site you can edit and change easily - as well as training and support after the website is built
  • Custom coding and development - to create a website with exactly the functionality you need
  • Ongoing SEO & marketing - beyond the website going live to help you (which we can do for you)

Over the years, there are very few website projects we haven’t come up against. We can build:

  • ‘Brochure’ style websites
  • Landing pages
  • Ecommerce websites
  • Product catalogue websites
  • Membership websites
  • Blogs and portfolio sites

Every website is different, and we tailor our proposals to meet the specific needs of your business, your budget and your goals. Our web design services can be part of a comprehensive sales and marketing service, or can also be a single project.


Some Of Our Work...

Website strategy planning

To get a website which gets high numbers of leads/enquiries it takes more than just a pretty design, there has to be thought and planning into the user experience, SEO plan, keyword research, the page structure/site architecture as well as your positioning/messaging to make you stand out from the competition.

Custom design

Rather than use pre-made themes or templates, our websites are 100% custom designed, so you get a unique design tailored to your needs.

Copywriting and content creation

Our copywriters can rewrite your content to give it more punch and impact – and can also write entire new pages for you.

different devices mock up
Software mock up
CRM integration

CRM systems work best when they can be connected to your website, and this is something we can do as part of your web design project. If you don’t have a CRM system, take a look at our CRM set up & implementation page, as this is also something we can include as part of your project.

Custom coding/development

Our in-house development can write custom code and build specific features for you.

Hosting, support and maintenance

We provide secure, high-speed hosting with a friendly, professional support service to keep your website running smoothly.

Website conversion rate optimisation

Maximise the number of leads, enquiries and sales you get from your website by taking advantage of our conversion rate optimisation service.

SEO & digital marketing services

If you want to attract new customers from your website, you’ll need to promote it once it has been finished. JDR have a comprehensive SEO and ongoing marketing service to ensure you get found online.

Software mock up - ace binding

Content Management Systems (CMS)

Our team has worked with a huge variety of different website platforms including Joomla, Drupal, Concrete 5, Umbraco and ecommerce platforms like Prestashop, Opencart, and BigCommerce. We have even developed our own in-house CMS system, called JDR Enterprise. Beyond our own platform, most of the websites we design and build will be in:

  • WordPress – the world’s largest CMS system, WordPress is opensource, SEO-friendly and has a huge range of plugins.
  • HubSpot CMS – A premium website platform, HubSpot is easy to launch, optimise and update website pages, and to provide a personalised experience to your visitors.
  • Shopify – A cloud-based ecommerce platform, very scalable, secure and fast.
  • Magento – A powerful ecommerce platform for large or complex ecommerce sites.

Why Choose JDR As Your Web Design Agency?

JDR Group have been building websites for SMEs since 2007, so you’ll be working with an experienced, knowledgeable and professional team with tried and tested processes and systems. But beyond the capability to produce your website, you’ll be working with a team that can help you market your website and your business.

So what do you want from your website? Beyond just looking good, you probably want to attract enquiries and sales as well as provide useful information for your existing customers.

In order to get the enquiries and sales you want, you need more than a nice design - your website will need to be part of an overall strategy, and you’ll need to drive traffic to it with ongoing content creation, social media marketing, Google Ads/Pay-per-click and search engine optimisation (SEO). At JDR, we provide all of this, in one place.

To find out more, let’s start a conversation - you can book a call with one of our experts using our online diary link. There’s no cost and we can provide some free initial advice as well as discuss your options with you. So let’s talk - Click here to book a call with an expert.

Web Design - Make A Quick Enquiry

The Website Design Process

We have a fully managed, step-by step process to design and build your new website:


The idea of the first meeting is purely exploratory – for us to understand your business and to explain how we can help you. We will ask a lot of questions and want to get to know what you need from the website and your online marketing. Some clients have very clear and specific briefs, others look for our advice and ideas, either way we will use this initial meeting to agree on the brief.


Our next step will be to present an action plan to help you achieve your goals from your website, which can include showing examples of sites we have worked on and an initial plan for the new site, as well as a plan for any on-going services we may recommend. All of our website projects are done to fixed budgets, agreed up front so that you have no hidden costs and know exactly what you will get for your investment.


Based on our discussions, we will prepare a formal project brief. We will email a summary to you of the brief so that you can check it - if there are any alterations or any changes you can then let us know. This enables us to ensure everyone is on the same page and means that copy and design can be right (or very close) first time around.


We will assign a project manager to you – this will be the person that oversees the project and will be your point of contact throughout.


You will receive a to do list for you, so you have a clear list to work through – this can include sending us images, logos, testimonials, content etc. We may also send further questionnaires to help with specific elements of the project.


We will then email you a draft design of the website for you to review – depending on the project this can be just the home page or several internal pages/landing pages as well. You can then provide feedback, and we will make changes based on that feedback – there is no limit to the number of changes/revisions during the design process, so you can be certain that you will be happy with the final design.


We will send the content we have agreed to write for you for you to check and where necessary, amend. As with the design, we are happy to make as many revisions are necessary to ensure you are happy with the final outcome.


Once you are happy with the design concept and copy, we’ll ask you to confirm that you approve each of them and we will go ahead and move to the next stage.

Once approved we will then build the site to the design we have agreed. We will create the full site structure, add the content and style the internal pages.
Site Review

We will ask you to review the site and your project manager will go through it with you, so that each page is right. Often there will be amendments, additional content to add, images to changes, calls to action to add etc. at this stage to get to a point where the website is ready to be signed off and put live.

Site Live

We run several tests before putting a site live, and once these are complete we will be ready to switch the domain name away from your current site and over to the new site. We also have a checklist of tasks to complete once the site has gone live to ensure the switchover process is as smooth as possible.

We offer all of our website clients free training to teach you how to edit the site using the content management system your site is built on.

Website checklist: 10 Ways To Improve Conversion

Most business owners spend money hand over fist to drive traffic to their websites - but what's the use if the traffic does not convert into sales or at least enquiries? Download our Ultimate Website Checklist so you can:

>> Pinpoint which area your website is weakest

>> Highlight specific strategies and actionable ideas

>> Go back to your web team or web designer with a definite plan of action

>> And more!

Get My Copy


Book an initial 20-minute online chat with Andy to find out:

>> How we can help you achieve your goals

>> How you can improve your sales and marketing

>> And get useful, actionable tips & advice



JDR Group: More Than Just Web Design

For a website to work as effectively as possible, it should be part of an overall marketing strategy. With JDR, we can help beyond just web design services, with our comprehensive ‘done for you’ sales and marketing system. This includes:

Marketing System
Our Six Step Marketing System

Over the past ten years, we have created a comprehensive 6-step sales and marketing system which we use and follow in our own business as well as with many small and medium sized businesses around the UK.

Marketing Strategy

We can help you develop your messages, your USPs, your branding and develop a wider marketing strategy including your website, SEO, email marketing, lead generation and more.

Sales Strategy
Get An Effective Sales Strategy

We can help you improve your sales systems and processes to convert more leads and enquiries successfully.

Content Marketing
Content Creation

We write articles, guides, eBooks and blogs for a wide range of different businesses in a variety of different industries, as well as creating videos, and visual content (like infographics). We can create content for your business too – so you can have this content 100% ‘done for you’.


It’s vital not to let a single lead slip through the net, and also to track how every lead is dealt with – this requires a good CRM system and it to be used effectively by you and/or your salespeople. We advise business owners on cost-effective (often free) CRM systems, and set up and implement CRM for them as well as providing training so that you and your team actually use it effectively.

Marketing Automation

Not all leads will buy straight away, you’ll need to follow up effectively and persistently in order to get the best possible results from any lead generation activity and marketing investment. We can help, with use of CRM system, but also email marketing, retargeting, and using automated follow up systems using marketing automation software.

Measuring Marketing ROI

As a client of JDR, you’ll know where every single lead, enquiry and sale has come from, so we know which marketing efforts are working and which ones are not. We set up systems to track inbound phone calls, emails, form submissions and online transactions/sales via your website, and then to track what happens to every new contact past the initial enquiry or purchase.