Get Your Team Working Better Together With This One-Day Alignment Workshop

This one-day workshop gives you a chance to bring your team together, understand everyone's working styles and get aligned on your goals. The day is facilitated by a business coach who will help you:

  • Define clear business goals and get buy-in from the entire team
  • Improve team communication and cohesion
  • Address specific team challenges
  • Motivate everyone in the team
  • Get a roadmap for future success


DISC Behavioural Analysis

Understanding different working styles is key to a harmonious team, and DISC helps you and your team do that. Rather than personality, DISC focuses on working behaviour without judgement. You and your team will complete a DISC questionnaire and we will present each of you with a report on your primary behavioural styles. This helps your team understand themselves and understand their colleagues - it will make sense of any workplace tensions you have and provide solutions.

Who Is This Workshop For?

Here's how to know if this workshop is for you:

  • If your business has plateaued and/or stopped growing, and you want to give it a kick start then this workshop is for you
  • If you have goals for your business and want everyone to buy in to them, then this workshop is for you
  • If your team is not pulling together and working as one cohesive unit, then this workshop is for you
  • If you are implementing change in your business - new products/services, a new business plan or expansion for example, then this workshop is for you

What Is Included?

This workshop is designed as a one-day workshop, where one of our senior marketing specialists will spend a day with you and your team. The workshop includes four parts:

Your Goals:

What are the objectives and goals for the business? We'll discuss and formalise your business objectives to get the team aligned around them and ensure the goals are SMART.

DISC Behavioural Analysis:

We will run a DISC behavioural analysis report for each of your team members. We will then discuss how the different behavioural styles within your team can work better together with this new understanding, as well as how they can identify and adapt to behavioural styles of customers and prospects in sales and customer service.

Keys To A Winning Team:

How to bring your team together, and develop the rituals and habits that keep your business on track for your objectives and ensure a happy, productive team.

Your Plan:

The action plan to get where you want to go. Here we'll work on your roadmap, the milestones and the potential obstacles that will need to be overcome to achieve your goals as a team.

How Much Does The Team Alignment Workshop Cost?

This one-day workshop costs £2995 + VAT, including:
  • Full day workshop - which includes the training, and the DISC analysis for every member of your team
  • Work one-on-one with a business coach to address specific issues within your team
Advanced/ongoing team coaching also available: Custom pricing - enquire below

If you believe you and/or your team need more ongoing support and coaching, then we can also work with you on a tailored programme.

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