Social media gives you a fast, direct way to communicate with your customers, and potential customers. Effective use of social media can help your business:

  • Become a company which people really respect and love
  • Raise your profile in your industry and become known as the ‘go to’ business
  • Attract the attention of new customers
  • Increase loyalty, word of mouth and referrals from current customers
  • Generate leads, enquiries and sales

With JDR, you can work with a partner who can help you create a social media strategy and then either train and support your in-house team to implement the strategy, or our team can do it all for you – including organic and paid social media marketing as well as content creation.

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What Are The Benefits Of Social Media Marketing For Your Business?

The benefits to using social media as part of your marketing strategy are numerous. Social media marketing can help you:

Build awareness

Attract and engage with new customers by sharing great content with them so they get to know, like and trust your business.

Drive website traffic

Sharing our own content with your network will get people to your website, especially if they share it with their networks.

Build your online reputation

Social media networks allow you to talk about the things that are of interest to you.

Establish your expertise

You can use your social media channels to discuss subjects that are relevant to your business, making you the expert.


Sign up to the Twitter feed or Facebook page of your competition, and always stay one step ahead

Improve customer service

Customers can post their questions and concerns on your pages, and you can respond directly

Find out what customers want

Asking them questions can get you golden nuggets of information about the kinds of products your customers want.

What Do Our Social Media Marketing Services Include?

We can help you determine which social media channels to focus on, develop a strategy and then implement that strategy. We work with LinkedIn, YouTube, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, and some B2B companies will want to focus exclusively on LinkedIn. But YouTube, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram can also be highly effective for B2B companies, as well as being essential for most B2C companies. In addition to these five primary channels, you may want to consider Pinterest, TikTok and Snapchat.

Our social media marketing services are tailored to your needs – no two programmes are exactly the same. We will first seek to understand your business, your goals and your industry, and our social media marketing services can then include:

Social Media Strategy & Planning

Helping you get a clear roadmap, with achievable goals and an action plan.

Social Media Training

To improve your in-house social media know-how, we can arrange tailored, one-to-one training for you and your team.

Profile Set-up/Optimisation

We can set up new social media pages for you, and also optimise existing pages/profiles.

Social Media Posts

Ensure your social media channels have regular updates, all 100% done for you, and tailored to your audience as part of the strategy.

Follower Acquisition

Increase the number of fans and followers across your social media profiles.

Follower Interaction & Engagement

Part of managing your social media accounts can include answering questions and engaging with your followers on your behalf.

Facebook Advertising

From boosting posts, video ads, lead ads and like ads, Facebook advertising gives you a fantastic and cost-effective range of options to help you reaching your target market.

LinkedIn Advertising

Target B2B decision makers on the world’s largest professional networking site.

Content Creation

Articles, videos and graphics created for you to share on social media.

Social Media Monitoring

Get alerts when people mention your business, your products, services or competitors on social media so you can be aware and respond.


Track the numbers and stats along the way to see the progress being made.



This 20 minute workout is a simple daily regime that you can use to start seeing more results from Facebook, Twitter & Linkedin. In this guide, learn more about:

>> How to get new followers

>> When to schedule your posts

>> How many posts to schedule

>> Who to follow on social media

>> Trends/hashtags in Twitter

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JDR Group: More Than Just A Social Media Marketing Agency

For social media marketing to work as effectively as possible, it should be part of an overall marketing strategy. With JDR, we can help beyond just social media marketing services, with our comprehensive ‘done for you’ sales and marketing system. This includes:

Our Six Step Marketing System

Over the past ten years, we have created a comprehensive 6-step sales and marketing system which we use and follow in our own business as well as with many small and medium sized businesses around the UK.


We can help you develop your messages, your USPs, your branding and develop a wider marketing strategy including your website, SEO, email marketing, lead generation and more.


We can help you improve your sales systems and processes to convert more leads and enquiries successfully.


To get the best results, you may need to develop, improve or even redesign your website – this is something we can do for you.


We write articles, guides, eBooks and blogs for a wide range of different businesses in a variety of different industries, as well as creating videos, and visual content (like infographics). We can create content for your business too – so you can have this content 100% ‘done for you’.


It’s vital not to let a single lead slip through the net, and also to track how every lead is dealt with – this requires a good CRM system and it to be used effectively by you and/or your salespeople. We advise business owners on cost-effective (often free) CRM systems, and set up and implement CRM for them as well as providing training so that you and your team actually use it effectively.


Not all leads will buy straight away, you’ll need to follow up effectively and persistently in order to get the best possible results from any lead generation activity and marketing investment. We can help, with use of CRM system, but also email marketing, retargeting, and using automated follow up systems using marketing automation software.


As a client of JDR, you’ll know where every single lead, enquiry and sale has come from, so we know which marketing efforts are working and which ones are not. We set up systems to track inbound phone calls, emails, form submissions and online transactions/sales via your website, and then to track what happens to every new contact past the initial enquiry or purchase.

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