Digital Marketing For A Telecommunications & Security Equipment Company [CASE STUDY]

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This is the case study of a company that provides security equipment and telecommunications for a number of different industries.

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Before starting with JDR Group, this company did not have an established marketing strategy beyond their website. They had no CRM system, so weren’t communicating with their leads or customers as effectively as they’d like to.

They also wanted to shift perception of them in the market from being a product seller (‘box shifter’) to a solution provider. They wanted to get more targeted leads and online sales as they had seen a decline in this area as well.

Through their digital marketing programme with JDR Group, they’ve built high Google rankings for thousands of keywords, reached new buyers and generatet a growing number of leads.

The Digital Marketing Programme

Following the needs and wants that this company had, a tailored marketing programme was made specifically for them. As their outsourced marketing agency, our goal was to create an effective inbound marketing strategy for them that would generate more traffic and inbound leads.

This programme included:

  • Marketing Strategy - developing a plan to attract their ideal customers including customer profiling, keyword and competitor research to develop a content and conversion strategy.
  • SEO (search engine optimisation) - ongoing SEO to achieve high natural rankings in Google.
  • Content marketing - regular blog articles written, published and promoted across social media.
  • Email marketing and social media support - email marketing and social media were to be managed in-house, and we have provided HubSpot marketing training and support/guidance on how to get the best results.
  • Lead generation - we applied several conversion rate optimisation strategies to the website and also created PDF guides to use as part of online lead generation.
  • HubSpot CRM (customer relationship management) implementation
  • LinkedIn Advertising - targeted ads showing to people in hand-picked job roles in specific industries on LinkedIn.
  • Access to JDR's exclusive video training hub - with training videos on sales, social media, video and much more.

Benefits of the programme

Here’s how this marketing programme has impacted them:

Increased Inbound leads

One of the major goals that this company had was that they wanted more targeted leads - which is exactly what they got. They started at 5 to 10 leads a month and over time, saw a massive growth up to 20 to 40 leads a month - four times the amount they were previously generating!

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Outstanding growth in website traffic

This company has seen the website being taken from strength to strength, their traffic has more than doubled - from 3,600 visits to 8,000 visits. This has been primarily driven from organic traffic (SEO), and with no Google Ads at all.

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SEO and Keyword Progress

As a result of a structured SEO and keyword strategy working alongside content marketing, this company is now on page one for their targeted search terms in the UK, in addition to ranking for 6,577 words and phrases in Google.

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Targeted content generates over 400 leads

As a result of the content assets that this company has accumulated with JDR, including blog articles, guides and videos, they have significantly grown search traffic on their website and generated over 400 leads.

Implementation of A CRM System to keep track of everything in one place

With every marketing investment, having a way to keep track of results and all the analytics of your business is vital.

HubSpot was implemented as the main CRM software for this company and this provides their sales team a way of tracking their sales pipeline, online sales and nurturing leads all in the same platform.

What’s happening now?

As a result of this company’s well-deserved success, they are now looking to expand into different markets and even across borders. So we are busy working with them on the strategy for phase two of their digital marketing journey with JDR Group!

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