Future Proofing Manufacturing: Marketing from Latest Trends


The UK manufacturing sector is part of a global transformation of the industry, in which digitalisation and automation technologies are fundamentally altering the ways in which supply chains are managed and services are delivered. It’s not necessary or even desirable for every business to adopt every single new technology. However, by incorporating the latest trends into your marketing and sales content, you have the potential to engage with customers who are actively investing in new technologies as a growth strategy, and build a reputation for yourself as an authority in your sector.

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What are the main trends currently shaping UK manufacturing?

1. Sustainability and green manufacturing

A growing number of UK companies are investing in renewable energy sources, sustainable materials, and technologies that reduce emissions and waste, as part of a ‘green manufacturing’ strategy to minimise carbon emissions and energy use. A big part of this is the circular economy principle in which materials are recycled or reused wherever possible. In many operations, this extends to energy, with waste heat being captured to fuel secondary processes.

2. Smart manufacturing and ‘Industry 4.0’

There’s a lot of jargon and hype surrounding Industry 4.0, but in practical terms it comes down to using digital control mechanisms and automation to create smarter and more efficient production processes. Various technologies are associated with Industry 4.0, including the Internet of Things – which is essentially networked machinery and processes through a series of sensors and cloud based data storage, robotics and automation of some production lines, and the emerging impact of big data analytics and AI in predictive maintenance, supply chain optimisation, and product design.

3. The impact of Brexit and global politics on supply chains and trade

The international political and economic landscape still has a fundamental impact on UK manufacturers, particularly in terms of trade relationships and supply chains. Changes in trade agreements and tariffs with partners in the EU have necessitated a reassessment of supply chains for some businesses, with many companies diversifying suppliers or bringing production back to the UK.

In what ways can these trends inform your marketing and content strategies?

These trends will be impacting your suppliers and customers as much as they are your business, and many decision-makers will be searching for solutions and services to help them leverage the benefits of these changes, or overcome their challenges.

This creates an opportunity for you to provide guidance and thought leadership through your articles, social media engagement, and downloadable material, increasing search visibility for your business and growing your brand authority.

Depending on the focus of your products and services, content angles could include:

  • Opinion pieces on how to navigate post-Brexit supply chains, focusing on supply chain resilience, trade changes, and workforce planning.
  • Engage in green conversations on LinkedIn about sustainability in manufacturing, providing actionable tips for promoting sustainability practices and saving operational costs.
  • Create a series of blog articles, videos, case studies, and e-books that explain how your company is integrating industry 4.0 technologies into your operations, showcasing the benefits to your customers in terms of shorter turnaround times, reduced costs, or increased value.

Next steps

By taking a forward-thinking approach to your marketing strategy, you can capitalise on emerging technologies and practices to drive more sales and value in your business. JDR supports SME manufacturers to achieve their business objectives through a wide range of personalised digital marketing tactics, optimised for the manufacturing sector. To find out more, please get in touch today by clicking here.

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