We are often asked 'what's the one thing we should do to attract more customers?' The answer is simple: there isn't one.

There is no single tactic or strategy that will transform your business - what you need is a SYSTEM.

JDR’s 6-step marketing system is the product of more than 15 years of experience running marketing campaigns for small and medium sized businesses. We have seen that:

  • Redesigning your website will not increase your sales or revenue
  • SEO or Google Ads will not grow your sales alone
  • Social Media promotion will not grow your business either

For any of these ‘tactics’ to work, they need to be part of an overall system and part of a strategy.


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The 6-Step Marketing System:

The Foundation - An Effective Website

Your website is your single most important marketing asset, and will be used by prospective customers, existing customers, potential and existing employees and partners/suppliers.

Almost all your sales and marketing activity will result in people going to the website first before they contact you, and if your website doesn’t work well, all of your marketing becomes less effective and more expensive. Your website can also be a saleable and valuable business asset that adds value to your company.

At a minimum level, your website should look credible and professional, and be built on a content management system that makes it possible to easily update and change the layout and content including adding new pages.

So while we look to work with your existing site if at all possible, it may be that we need to build a new one in order to get best results from your marketing.

Step 1: Strategy & Planning

A strategy is the foundation of any good marketing campaign, and as with the building, the deeper and stronger that foundation, the bigger the building.

Lack of strategy and planning is the main reason why marketing campaigns fail. If you want to get a return on investment from marketing, you need a clear, well thought out strategy.

Step 2: Regular Content & Articles Written For You

Based on the strategy, our team will plan designed to attract and engage your ideal customers. This content can include videos, infographics, animations, eBooks, webinars, blog posts, research papers and much more.

Publishing regular articles and content is the most reliable way to grow website traffic in a sustainable, long term way. It improves your website’s search engine rankings, helps you get found for more and more keyword searches in Google, builds your credibility, and establishes you as the expert and as the ‘go-to’ business in your field.

Step 3: Increase Website Traffic

Relying on one major source of traffic is risky – we believe in building multiple streams of traffic to your website. If you are reliant on one single source of new leads/customers, for example Facebook ads, then you are at risk of Facebook making a sudden change that means your leads dry up overnight. With multiple traffic sources you have more stale, secure results and you also benefit from prospects seeing you in several places.

Our team of SEO, pay-per-click, social media and email marketing experts can ensure you get found by your ideal customers.

Step 4: Convert Visitors Into Leads

Just having a nice website and sending traffic to it might get a response but it won’t be enough on its own to ensure your marketing gets a return on investment. There has to be a conversion strategy for your website visitors, so that you get the highest possible number of leads, enquiries and sales.

Step 5: Convert Leads Into Sales

Busy salespeople and directors often only deal with the most urgent/interested prospects or opportunities, and when they do, it is usually with no defined sales system or process. Improving follow up and your sales process has a direct benefit on your bottom line and makes every form of marketing you do more effective.

Step 6: Test, Measure & Analyse

With all of our clients we set up systems to track:

  • Where your website traffic comes from
  • Where every single lead, enquiry and sale comes from
  • What happens to every single lead and enquiry – which ones convert, and which ones don’t

This allows us to see what is working and what isn’t, and as part of any marketing campaign we run tests - and analyse and measure the results for you.

This ongoing testing, measurement and analysis of sales and marketing lead to improved results, less wasted budget, and more confidence in your decisions about sales and

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Tried and Tested

This marketing system shows proven results, indeed a study of the average results after 12 months shows you will get:

  • A 191% Increase in Website Traffic
  • A 654% Increase In Leads/Enquiries Per Month

Watch the video below to see some example results and you can also read our case studies here.

Tailored To Your Needs, Your Goals and Your Business

Every business is different, and we know you’ll need a marketing programme that is tailored to your needs. When planning a marketing programme, we factor in your website, your existing resources, your in-house team and capabilities, your marketplace and competition and much more.