HubSpot's free CRM system allows you to take control of your business. A CRM system allows you to create a proper business database rather than relying on Outlook address books or spreadsheets. It also allows you to get the pulse of your business and see what is going on with every contact, customer and salesperson.

HubSpot's FREE CRM is the ideal solution for small businesses, and this implementation programme will ensure you and your team get up and running quickly.

Instead of trying to watch hours of online tutorials, you can get the system fully set up for you and have your entire team trained on how to use it in just 30 days with this implementation and quick-start programme. You'll cut out the learning curve, learn how to get the most out of the system and pick up lots of tips to help you get more leads and sales.


Who is The HubSpot CRM Implementation Programme For?

This is a quick-start, 30-day programme with a clear goal - you and your team are using the HubSpot CRM effectively by the end of the 30 days. So this is ideal if you already have a HubSpot account but aren't getting the most out of it yet - but it is also a fantastic programme if you don't yet have a CRM system at all in your business.

Why HubSpot Is The Ideal Way To Start With CRM

The HubSpot CRM is an ideal way to start because:

It's free

HubSpot's free CRM has unlimited contacts and unlimited users, so rather than spend a fortune on a CRM system, get started with this free tool first. You may even end up going for a paid CRM in the future, but by then you'll be much better informed by then and know what to look for as a result of getting started with this free CRM first.

It's flexible

HubSpot has customisable properties, views and has customisable sales and customer service stages.

It's scalable

Beyond the free account, HubSpot's Sales, Marketing, Website and Customer Service Hubs give you a platform to run a large business from, so that you can start small and grow with HubSpot. If you decide you want to move to another system in the future, you can simply export your data.

It's easy to use

HubSpot has been designed to be fast and easy for salespeople to minimise admin and free up more valuable selling time. HubSpot syncs with your email, making it easy to record your communication without having to copy/paste. It also syncs with your website, adding website enquiries automatically into the database.

It's mobile

For field-based salespeople HubSpot's free mobile app is incredibly useful, allowing you to quickly access and call or message your contacts from your mobile phone.


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HubSpot CRM Implementation: What's Included?

The goal of this programme is that within 30 days, you are fully set up with the HubSpot CRM - it has been completely configured to your business, your contacts and data are all imported, it is fully connected to your other business systems and you and your team know how to use it.

For a one-off investment of £1500 + VAT, you'll get:
  • HubSpot configuration - the sales pipeline, custom properties, lists and custom views will be fully configured for you - or we can work with a member of your team to show them how to do it for themselves.

  • HubSpot data import - your existing contacts, companies, tasks and sales opportunities will be implemented for you - or we can work with a member of your team to show them how to do it for themselves.

  • Marketing tools implemented - the free HubSpot marketing tools will be set up and implemented for you, including live chat/chat bot, lead flows/pop-ups, follow up emails and creating a mail shot/newsletter/email template (this can be done without giving us access to any sensitive contact information).

  • Set up of sales email templates - you'll get email templates to follow up leads, send quotes, follow up quotes and request reviews/testimonials, and will help you set up any email templates you currently use so they are available for your entire team.

    • 4x training sessions - you'll get four training sessions with a HubSpot expert to show your team how to use and get the most from HubSpot. The sessions can be recorded so you have resources you can refer to again and share with other team members, and cover:

      1.  Getting started with the CRM - understanding the basics of the CRM, contacts, companies, tasks and deals. Syncing emails (and troubleshooting this). Accessing and using the mobile app.
      2.  Using HubSpot to improve sales - how to use meetings, notifications, documents, email templates and prospects to be more efficient and effective
      3.  Optimising the CRM- how to use filters, reporting, and lists to improve HS user experience and efficiency
      4.  Utilising the marketing tools - how to manage and optimise HubSpot's free marketing tools
  • Post-training support - once the programme is finished you'll still be able to get in touch to get questions answered and to get support, as well as access to our other sales and marketing services to help your business grow.

In Summary

Thousands of companies sign up for free trials and free accounts with CRM systems, and never actually use them. With this programme you can:

  • Be confident in getting up and running with the CRM
  • Include and motivate your team
  • Use all of the available features of HubSpot to modernise your sales approach
  • Improve your website and online marketing
  • Have a guided experience which makes the whole process easy for you and your team

By the end of the programme, with the HubSpot CRM system you'll be able to:

  • Keep a record of your team’s communication with all of your customers – it will be synced with your email, and your team will be able to add notes and record calls, meetings, etc.

  • Track your sales pipeline – so you can see the progress of all of your sales opportunities and quotes. This allows you to track your conversion rates and to run sales forecasts easily.

  • Track your salespeople’s activity – Keep track of the number of calls, emails and meetings done from each of your salespeople, and track their effectiveness at converting leads into new customers.

  • Measure the return on investment from your marketing - track the source of all new leads and enquiries and measure the effectiveness of your marketing.

  • Run email marketing campaigns – many CRM systems allow you to segment your contact database into specific groups, and to then send mail shots to those groups.

  • Follow up every lead – having a centralised database means no lead or enquiry gets left behind or forgotten about.

  • Create email templates – you can create standardised emails for sending and following up quotes, as well as prospecting and nurturing leads. This makes your sales process more consistent, measurable and saves time for you and your salespeople.

To request this programme, ask a question or speak to a member of our team, use the enquiry form provided or call us on 01332 343281.

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