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The Buyer Persona & Buyer Journey Workshop

This one-day workshop is designed to help you understand the role of and importance of buyer personas in your marketing, how to create them, and how to create your marketing strategy based on their buying journey. As well as being informative and eye-opening, it is a practical day with specific deliverables, so that you will come out of the workshop with:

  • Content and conversion ideas
  • Your first buyer persona completed 
  • Your buyer journey mapped out

The Value Of Understanding Your Customers

Many businesses just talk about themselves in their sales and marketing. Their web pages are full of phrases like 'We do X' or 'We are X', their blogs are stories about themselves (PR/charity work they have done, awards they have won, etc) and they push and promote the products/services they want to sell more of.

All of this is fine for people that already know or like your business - but it won't attract new customers. Prospective customers simply don't care about you - they care about themselves.

As the old phrase goes, everyone's favourite radio station is WIIFM - What's In It For Me?

Successful marketing involves a change of mindset, and instead of pushing your agenda out, instead seeking to understand your potential customers needs, wants, problems and goals and providing useful, helpful content, information and products and services.

Who Is The Buyer Persona Workshop For?

Here's how to know if the buyer persona workshop is for you:

  • If your marketing isn't working for you, then this workshop is for you
  • If you are not getting the kind of leads or enquiries you really want, then this workshop is for you
  • If you have sent time and money on social media marketing and writing blogs, but have not had any enquires or new sales to show for this effort, then this workshop is for you
  • If you want to market your business more effectively, this workshop is for you

What Is Included?

This workshop is designed as a one-day workshop, where one of our senior marketing specialists will spend a day with you and your team to clarify and define your buyer personas and buying journey, although it is also available as a half-day training session where we go through the concepts and give you some resources so that you can then work on the personas by yourself. The workshop includes four parts:

Part One - Why Create Buyer Personas:

Why personas are the foundation of your marketing strategy, and what a good buyer persona looks like.

Part Two - How To Create Your Buyer Personas:

How to create your personas - who should your personas be and how to define them.

Part Three - Mapping Out The Buying Journey:

Understanding the buyer's journey for each your personas - and how you can reach and influence your ideal customers at each stage.

Part Four - Creating Your Marketing Strategy:

Time to put pen to paper and start creating your plan for content topics, offers and marketing activities to attract and convert your ideal customers.

Costs & Options

The course is available in 3 options:

Half-day quick-start training: £795 + VAT
  • Condensed, half-day training
  • We give you the tools and information for you to then develop the personas and buying journey yourself
One-day workshop: £2995 + VAT
  • Full day workshop - which includes the training, but then 
  • Work one-on-one with a marketing strategist to brainstorm and create the deliverables, so that at the end of the session you have:
    • Content and conversion ideas
    • Your first buyer persona completed 
    • Your buyer journey mapped out
Advanced Buyer Persona Consultancy Custom Pricing - Enquire Here

If you want a more tailored approach for your business, then get in touch and we can develop a custom programme for your needs.

To request the Buyer Persona Workshop for your business, find out more or to enquire about a specific, tailored programme for your business use the enquiry form provided:

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