Start Generating New Leads For Your Sales Team With Targeted Online Advertising In Just 30 Days

Get targeted leads for you and/or your sales team to follow up quickly with this focussed lead generation programme - in one month we'll build a lead generation campaign for you including creating a lead 'magnet', landing pages and a targeted advertising campaign on one or more platforms including Google Ads, LinkedIn ads and/or Facebook and Instagram ads.

We'll develop a tailored plan to target your ideal customers, and then run ads to reach them across multiple channels which can include:

JDR Lead Generation

Who Is The Quick-Start Lead Generation Campaign For?

Our comprehensive, all-in-one tailored marketing & sales programmes are the best way to ensure your business reaches its goals and you get the best possible results from your sales and marketing. However this isn't always possible, and sometimes business owners want a lower-cost option to get started with. This programme is:

  • Fast - you'll start seeing leads after 30 days
  • Measurable - you can see cost per click, cost per lead and cost per sale/customer to monitor return on investment
  • Targeted - we will tailor the advertising based on location/geography, demographics, interest/intent and for B2B businesses job title, industry, company size and more

How Much Does It Cost & What Is Included?

The campaign starts with a 30-day set-up period and then ongoing campaign management plus ad spend with a minimum commitment of 3 months. You'll also need a subscription to HubSpot, with a minimum license of 'Marketing Starter' needed.

30 Day Set-Up: £3,000 + VAT


  • Marketing strategy workshop - a half-day workshop to profile and identify your target persona and create the campaign plan
  • HubSpot implementation - HubSpot will enable us to track and measure the campaign, allowing us to optimise and improve the results and allowing you to fully understand the return on investment from the campaign. In addition to this measurement, you'll also get a CRM system set up and implemented for you - and this has a value by itself of £1,995 + VAT, see our CRM Implementation programme.
  • Production of a 'lead magnet' - you'll get a guide/ebook/brochure created for you to use as an offer in the lead generation campaign. Our team will write the copy and produce the PDF design, it will be 100% 'done for you'.
  • Creation of landing pages, graphics, calls to action and other campaign assets
  • Online advertising set-up - this includes setting up the accounts and billing, writing/designing ads, integration with Google Analytics & HubSpot, and setting up the targeting
Campaign Itself: £600 + VAT per month plus ad spend & HubSpot
  • Weekly campaign management and optimisation of ads in one or more of the following channels (which ones depend on the campaign plan, as each channel has different targeting options):
    • Google search ads
    • Display/banner ads
    • Remarketing/retargeting
    • LinkedIn ads
    • Facebook ads
    • Instagram ads
  • Ongoing testing & measuring of ads, targeting, forms, landing pages and keywords
  • Source tracking of all leads, including calls, enquiry forms and emails - so you can see where your leads are coming from (and from which campaigns, ads, keywords, etc)
  • Dedicated campaign manager
  • Monthly campaign reporting

Please note:

  • Ad spend is flexible, although we recommend a minimum of £400/m. Once ROI is demonstrated it can be scaled up
  • HubSpot has many different levels, with Marketing Starter currently priced at £42/m - go to the HubSpot Pricing page for more details. 
  • This programme is on a 3-month rolling contract

Is A Lead Generation Campaign Right For You?

Here's how to know if investing in the Quick-Start Lead Generation Campaign is right for you:
  • If you have a proactive sales team and excellent follow up systems but you and/or your sales team just need more qualified leads, then this campaign is ideal for you.
  • If you sell a high value product/service and the value of a new customer to your business is high, then this is a great programme for you (it's not as good a fit for many retail or E-commerce businesses for example).
  • If you want to start marketing with a trial campaign before committing to longer term investments like SEO and content marketing, but are prepared to scale up your investment once you can see it working, then this campaign is ideal for you.

Other Ways You & Your Business Will Benefit

In addition to the lead generation itself, there are a number of other benefits to this campaign:

  • You'll get clarity and definition on your ideal customer/buyer personas, which can influence and improve all of your future sales and marketing decisions.
  • You'll get a long-lasting resource - the guide/ebook we create for you as a 'lead magnet' can help you generate leads long into the future. It can be added to your main website, and can also be used to help educate prospects in your sales process, and even printed as a physical brochure to hand out at events or in meetings.
  • You'll get a CRM system, fully integrated with your website, and your team will get full training - the CRM set-up element of this campaign alone is worth £1,995 + VAT, see our HubSpot CRM Implementation and Training Programme page for more details.
  • You'll create more brand awareness for your business as well as generating leads
  • You'll be starting a relationship with a marketing agency which can help you develop a more comprehensive sales and marketing strategy to help you grow your business.

To find out more about this programme and to see if it is right for you, schedule a call with us using our online calendar, or use the form below to make an enquiry or ask a question.

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