Our sales and marketing programmes are designed to increase the value of your business in the long term, as well as achieve results in the short term. But if you want to create an exit plan and increase the value of your company, we also have a specific coaching programme designed to help you do this. By creating an exit plan, and setting your business up for sale, it gives you many options. You can:

  • Sell the business, at the maximum possible value
  • Install a family member or manager to run the company
  • Continue to work, but with less stress and pressure day to day

Even if retirement feels a long way off for you, it is important to start working today towards having a successful company that can operate without you - because this way it gives you, the business owner, these options when you do want to retire, as well as helping you be more successful along the way. 

JDR Group started in 2004 as a business coaching company, so you’ll be working with an experienced team that know how to help you achieve this, can give you a step-by step programme to follow, and can be there to support and guide you through the entire process.