If your sales team is not using video, then you are missing out on sales. Rather than sending standard text-only emails and proposals, your sales team can bring your sales process to life, adding a personalised, human touch to every stage of your sales process. This will help you:

  • Get more meetings and better responses to your prospecting
  • Increase response from LinkedIn and social media
  • Shorten the sales cycle so you close sales quicker
  • Improve conversion rates from proposals and quotes
  • Increase trust and emotional connection with your prospects
  • Improve customer service and lifetime customer value

This video selling training programme will show your team how to do it - the software to use, best practices, and tips and tricks so that you save time and get results much faster. But it will also be practical, we'll provide coaching so your sales team get started and up and running quickly.

90 days video selling training
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90 days video selling training using vidyard

Have you ever watched a video online and quickly understood what a company was offering, in a way that would have taken much longer by trying to read through the text on their website? Then you'll understand the power of video. Here are some key video stats:

  • An average decision-maker receives 50-100 prospecting emails a week (and ignores the vast majority of them - you need to stand out!)
  • 82% of all internet traffic will come from video by 2022
  • The human brain processes visuals 60,000 times faster than text
  • Employees are 75% more likely to watch a video than to read documents, emails or articles

Video can be used at every stage of your sales process to improve results - including prospecting, social media, quotes/proposals, follow ups, reviews and referrals, and customer service. Videos have more impact, are more memorable, and they help you make a deeper and more human connection with your prospects.

Who Is This Training For?

Whether you are the only salesperson in your company, or you have a team of salespeople, this training is for you if you want to:

  • Get more calls or meetings booked with key decision makers
  • Increase the take-up/conversion rate of your proposals/quotes
  • Re-engage prospects who haven't gone ahead or who are not responding
  • Systemise and improve your sales processes
  • Make selling more fun - for you, your team and your prospects
90 days video selling training using vidyard to increase sale

What Is Included?

This training can be delivered in a single day, or over 90 days depending on your needs - you may want to get going as fast as possible, or take advantage of the longer timeframe where there is more room for implementation, feedback and coaching.

The training covers 4 modules/sessions:

Session One: Getting Started

By the end of this first session your team will be able to get into action - we'll get you up and running with video, by showing you how to record and send one-to-one video emails, and share best practices with you. 

Session Two: Advanced Video Prospecting

In Session Two you'll learn how to get responses from your videos - we'll critique your videos and give you clear action points as well as showing you several innovative ways to use video including in LinkedIn.

Session Three: Using Video Throughout The Sales Process

This session will show you how to optimise every stage of your sales process with personalised, one-to-one sales video. You'll learn how and when to send them, so that your sales team close more sales, faster. 

Session Four: Analytics, Evaluation & Review

In the final session we'll review your results and give you an action plan as well as email templates and other sales resources to help you and your team become truly outstanding at video.

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A Vidyard 'Teams' license will be required at $300 per month billed annually | For more information visit

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Certified Vidyard Agency Partner

Vidyard is a business video platform which allows you to harness the power of video throughout your business:

  • Sales - use personalised video emails to book more meetings and close more sales
  • Marketing - increase your traffic & conversions with videos on your website, landing pages & blog
  • Service - use video to give your customers a better & more human experience

JDR Group have worked with Vidyard since 2015, so you'll be working with a Vidyard partner agency that knows the platform inside out.


Learn More About Using Video In Sales

Webinar: Using Video In A Contactless World

Using Video In A Contactless World

Physical meetings and networking events have moved online. Sales and marketing must be contactless, but they don't need to be humanless.

Customers still, more than ever, want conversational, contextual and human interaction.

This is where the importance and value of video come into play.

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Article: JDR Are Vidyard Video Selling Certified


Video is now a major tool and medium for marketing, prospecting, delivering customer service, and making new sales. 

Our new Video Selling Certification from Vidyard gives us the tools, knowledge and experience to help you use video to build strong, lasting relationships with your existing clients, source valuable leads, and grow your business online.

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Video: 11 One-to-One Video Selling Examples

One to one sales video example

At JDR, we have been using one-to-one video for several years - and in the increasingly virtual post-COVID world, we have been using it more and more. These are quick videos where we record a video of our screen, or using our webcam, or both, and embed these into emails.

In this article we will share 11 ways you can use video emails as part of your sales and customer service process.

Watch the 11 examples here.


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