Unlock The Power Of Video To Get More Sales Meetings & Close More Deals - JDR Are Now Vidyard Video Selling Certified!

Video Selling Certified - JDR Group

One of the things we’ve been working on at JDR throughout lockdown is looking at ways we can help customers take advantage of new technologies and trends, to get better results from their marketing and sales efforts. The biggest communication trend of 2020 is, of course, video. With physical workplaces closed for several months in some cases, businesses across the country have turned to video platforms, such as Zoom and Vidyard, to keep in touch, host meetings, and deliver services.

The uses of Zoom and other platforms isn’t just restricted to internal communications either. Video is now a major tool and medium for marketing, prospecting, delivering customer service, and making new sales. In the absence of physical trade shows, sales meetings and networking events, these functions have moved online, creating an opportunity for businesses to shorten their sales cycle, make the process more transparent, and close more deals.

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Our new Video Selling Certification from Vidyard gives us the tools, knowledge and experience to help you use video to build strong, lasting relationships with your existing clients, source valuable leads, and grow your business online.

What is the Vidyard Video Selling Certification?

Vidyard is an easy-to-use business video platform that lets users create high quality videos using a web cam, laptop screen, or even an on-board tablet camera. These videos can be of any length, and, once recorded, can be shared on social media, published on your blog as vlogs, attached to landing pages, posted on your workplace chat site, or sent out via email, WhatsApp, or any other messaging service.

As for the content of these videos, the sky’s the limit. Businesses use Vidyard videos to create marketing content, personalised communications, webinars, email courses, meeting recaps, sales pitches, and so much more – for colleagues, existing customers, and new prospects. The platform is flexible, intuitive and easy-to-use, wherein lies its power as a marketing tool. CHECK OUT THIS ARTICLE FOR 11 VIDEO SELLING EXAMPLES

This is where the benefit comes from working with an agency who is trained in using Vidyard to supercharge your marketing and bring in new business. Video Selling Certified businesses are marketing agencies – such as JDR – who have been accredited by Vidyard to use their platform on behalf of customers as a specific sales, marketing and business development tool.

How we use Vidyard at JDR

Vidyard is one of our favourite business video tools, and provides the ideal way of enriching your email and marketing communications with easy to produce video content – bringing your sales process to life. As part of a tailored marketing solution designed to meet your individual business goals, we use Vidyard to;

  • Improve your conversion rate from email marketing
  • Get more shares and engagement on social media
  • Build trust and a strong rapport with your target customers
  • Give a human face to your prospecting and customer service
  • Secure more sales meetings and close deals more quickly

Video sales training courses

We also offer a training course for businesses interested in using Vidyard in-house to enrich their selling process. You can find out more about the course, which is available as a quick-start half day introduction, a 90 day coaching course, or a tailored training programme for larger sales teams, by clicking here.

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Although like everything else at the moment, sales and marketing needs to be socially distanced, this doesn’t mean removing the human element. Quite the opposite, in fact – in the isolation of the pandemic, customers are craving conversation, contextual and human interaction more than ever. This creates an opportunity to make a real impact with your sales and marketing, by developing unique communication strategies that use video and other technologies to build bridges between your business and your prospects.

Our new free webinar, which can be downloaded by clicking here, contains all the information you need to start harnessing video to make more sales and use ‘the new normal’ to your best advantage. For more information, and to discuss ways of keeping your sales momentum going through the pandemic, give one of our specialists a call today.

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