10 Types of Video Content That Could Bring Your Business More Sales

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Today's business owners should be investing in video marketing if they want to maximise sales online while keeping acquisition costs under control. If you're planning to take the plunge into video selling, however, make sure that you choose the most appropriate style of video for your needs. There are many options available, so we've put together a list of the ten best types of video content to use if you want to land more sales.

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1) Brand videos

Selling is all about building relationships – and brand videos can help you to do that. This type of video provides viewers with big picture informationabout your company – a compelling reason why a prospect should pick your business, and will benefit from doing so, rather than opting for a competitor. A brand video will convey your vision, values, ethics, and commitment to service delivery.

2) Value proposition videos

This type of video highlights a particular product or service that you provide and explains it to your potential customers in depth. Explainer videos should emphasise how utilising the product or service in question can benefit the viewer and help them to overcome specific problems that they face. Make these videos about how your offering solves your problems and delivers a great ROI – leave the practicalities to your demonstration videos (see below).

3) Product demonstration videos

These allow potential clients to see exactly how particular products or services work in practice. They show the nuts and bolts of a service or product in action– e.g. how to fit a drainage valve – rather than addressing the value of purchasing the product. Demo videos can be particularly useful for companies in the technology and retail sectors, but firms in other industries can utilise them effectively too. These videos answer pre-sales concerns and also takes the pressure off your support team by answering common after-sales questions.

4) Educational videos

Also known as "How To" videos, educational content is designed to increase your viewers' knowledge about a relevant subject area, rather than to promote a specific product or brand. Demonstrating your firm's expertise will encourage prospects to see you as leaders in your industry and could, therefore, persuade them to become clients. These videos work well alongside blogs and infographics of the same nature, and are aimed at prospects at an early stage of the buyer process.

5) FAQ videos

Providing answers to frequently asked questions can reduce the amount of customer support calls you receive, but it can also help you to boost your sales by pre-qualifyingyour leads. Producing FAQ videos for prospects will allow you to head off common objections at the pass, so your sales team can concentrate on sealing the deal.

6) Project case study videos

Businesses have long known that reading case studies can encourage prospective buyers to sign on the dotted line. A good case study instils confidence in your products and lends credibility to your brand. You can make your case studies even more engaging – and, therefore, more effective – by creating video versions of them.

7) Customer testimonial videos

While written testimonials from satisfied clients can be effective marketing tools, video testimonials can be even more compelling, and take minutes to create. Testimonial videos humanise your customers and give your prospects a better idea of what your clients love about your company.

Note: How do testimonials differ from case studies? Case studies are a story of service delivery from your perspective – including how you overcame challenges related to the project. A testimonial is like a product review from the customers perspective, giving their overall impression of how happy they were working with your company.

8) Interviews with your team

Creating interview videos with key people in your organisation will enable your prospects to meetthe human beings who will deliver their service, and provide insight into how they do their magic. This humanises your company and helps cultivate trust and credibility.

9) Event videos

While not possible in 2020 due to covid restrictions, sharing videos of live training seminars (remember them?), conferences, or expositions attended by your business will help you engage with potential clients and show them that you are thought leaders in your industry. You can also create videos of your staff at key industry events to demonstrate that you have your finger on the pulse.

10) Live or as livewebinars

For a truly engaging video experience, try holding a live or a pre-recorded webinar with real-time, interactive elements. You can do this using Facebook Live from any location – and can combine it with a live Q&A, or invite users to Tweet or email questions to you in advance, which can then be answered during the webinar. You'll be able to strengthen your relationships with your potential clients and show them how knowledgeable you are, potentially boosting sales – as well as increasing leads through social media.

More information

For more information about video marketing and how you can use it to grow your business, get in touch with the professional team at JDR. We can work with you to identify the most appropriate approach for you to take in order to achieve your business goals.

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