Why Use Vidyard For Video Selling?


One of the key lead and sales generation methods that SME owners should be embracing today is video selling. If you're planning to create and distribute marketing videos, however, it's essential to use an appropriate platform. Vidyard is one of the most talked about options out there, and is the main video selling platform we use here at JDR. Let's see what it has to offer.

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What is Vidyard?

Vidyard is a video production platform for businesses and it boasts an array of handy tools. You can use it to record, edit, manage, host, share, and optimise your sales videos, and analyse your campaign results – all from the same platform. This drastically simplifies video marketing, which formerly required businesses to use a range of complex apps and hardware to get videos ready for online publication. The exact features depend on the package that you choose, but there are options to suit different budgets.

The company was founded in 2010 as Redwoods Media and changed its name to Vidyard in 2011.By the following year, the start-up had succeeded in racking up one million video plays per day. Eight years on, more than 4 million people now use the platform to create and distribute corporate videos.

The advantages of using Vidyard to create sales videos

The biggest advantage of Vidyard is the sheer number of features that it has. You can use it to:

  • Record videos using your smartphone or browser (via web cam);
  • Personalise videos for different clients;
  • Create video playlists;
  • Generate animated GIF previews;
  • Edit the start or end of each video;
  • Upload videos speedily;
  • Host your videos;
  • Add your videos to your website;
  • Distribute your videos via your regular sales platform, email, or social media;
  • Add calls to action to your videos;
  • Optimise your videos for search;
  • Produce transcriptions of your videos;
  • Obtain data about your videos' viewers;
  • Produce analytics information that can be integrated with your customer relationship management system.

This means that you can manage most of your video creation activities on the platform in a streamlined way to save time.

Vidyard's second key advantage is that it is scalable. You can start by subscribing to a basic package and upgrade further down the line if you like. You can even obtain a customised solution if you need additional flexibility.

Finally, Vidyard is a secure platform and utilises both password and single sign on (SSO) protection technology to keep your data safe – even when used remotely by multiple users, on different devices and Internet connections. It's also user-friendly and flexible. You can manage your user permissions through a central admin dashboard, and enable other people to add videos to your library using the platform's uploader widget.

Working with a Vidyard-certified video selling partner agency

JDR are proud to be a Vidyard Video Selling Certified Agency. Agencies who have received this certification are expert Vidyard instructors, with a proven sales record from using the platform. We can guide you through best practices when creating videos to attract, follow-up with, manage, and convert clients via the platform, so you can get a better return on your investment – and can create Vidyard video content on your behalf. To find out more about how this works in practice and why using Vidyard could benefit your company, contact one of our business growth specialists today.

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Image: Pexels