Top Tips To Help You Create Unbeatable Blog Posts


Top Tips To Help You Create Unbeatable Blog Posts


All websites should feature a blog. Whether you run the website for a multinational corporation or your own personal website for business, a blog is extremely helpful. Not only does it allow your potential customers to read and gain new information about your products, service and industry, thereby answering any potential questions they have, they can also be used to drive search engine optimisation (SEO) strategies by incorporating keywords that search engine algorithms pick up on.

As such, we have created a short guide on how to create unbeatable blog posts that your website users will love. Remember, these tips aren’t just for businesses but can also be used for your own personal websites and blogs too!

1. It All Rests On An Idea

For a blog post to be well written, relevant and interesting, you must consider the initial idea of the post. Any ideas must be audience focused and written on a topic that is proven to engage the audience and key demographics of your website. Looking at a topic from a fresh perspective will help to drive readership and you should aim to support your posts with examples, statistics and photographs, infographics or videos where possible.

2. Headlines Draw In The Reader

If you don’t have a good headline, then you are unlikely to have readers click on your posts – they just won’t be interested. The headline is your first, and often only chance to convince a reader to follow the link. A good headline will make the reader curious while also decisively defining the topic they will address. It should offer a specific benefit to the reader, and promise to provide new or insightful information in the blog. Typically, headers should be around 60 characters.

3. Content Is Key

Even if your blog is predominantly used for SEO purposes, you still need to ensure that the content is ideal for readers. The use of plain language, combined with simple words and short sentences will make the post eye-catching and engaging for all readers. It should be written in an active voice, and should directly speak to the reader while informing them of the topic at large. Equally, it’s important not to overload the reader with information - even if you are addressing a heavy topic. You can always include hyperlinks to research and industry reports where necessary rather than regurgitating everything yourself.

4. Use A Relevant Image

Humans are extremely visual creatures and the use of an appropriate and engaging image will have a huge impact on the success of your blog post. It is well worth trying to use an original image rather than a stock photo to personalise the piece, and you should format it to be highly sharable on social media. Finally, remember that readers want speed, so optimise the image to load quickly.

By using these four top tips, you can significantly increase the standing of your blog posts making them easier to read, more sharable on social media, have more users click on them and increase your website’s SEO. Unbeatable blog posts should be key within your content marketing strategy and you will soon see the benefits of following the above advice.

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