Sharpspring is a marketing automation platform which provides three things:

  • It combines several sales and marketing tools into one programme
  • It enables business owners to be able to measure the results of their marketing and track the entire customer journey
  • It has automation capabilities which enable us to create automated email workflows which can put follow up, cross selling and lead nurturing on autopilot

Features include:

  • CRM system (as well as integration with popular CRM systems including Salesforce)
  • Automated workflows
  • Website and campaign analytics
  • Google AdWords integration
  • Landing pages
  • Blog & social media publishing
  • Email marketing (including automated emails)
  • Shopping cart integration (for E-commerce websites)
  • Reverse IP tracking
  • Unlimited users
  • Forms integration
  • API & integrations with many commonly used SAAS products
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Why choose Sharpspring vs HubSpot vs Infusionsoft vs any other marketing automation software?

The key points about Sharpspring are:

  • No contract – work with them on a rolling monthly basis (and pay monthly)
  • No huge increases based on contacts – so you can grow your database without significantly increasing your software budget each year
  • Excellent email marketing capabilities
  • Excellent E-commerce capabilities
  • More cost effective

JDR Group has worked with Sharpspring since 2015 and are a certified UK partner agency. This means to you that:

We have practical experience of the platform, across many clients in different industries – so we know how to deploy it to get the maximum results for you.

We are able to set up, configure and provide training on Sharpspring for you and your team.

We have access to additional resources with Sharpspring to help you get the most out of your marketing campaigns.

We have access to exclusive pricing which is not available by going to Sharpspring directly.

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Sharpspring Agency Services

Sharpspring, like any marketing automation software platform, is just a tool. To get results, what matter is how the tool is used – that’s where JDR Group come in.

Effectiveness of marketing automation typically fails when:

  • Companies don’t have the time to learn the software (it takes hours and hours of tutorials and training sessions just to master the basics!)
  • Lack of experience/know how with the tool and how to use it
  • Lack of time or resources to invest in the marketing activities required to get the most out of the software
  • Slow adoption from salespeople (with the CRM)

As well as the experience with Sharpspring as a platform, we also have a proven 6-step marketing system which includes:

  • Creating regular content to make your website useful and interesting to potential customers
  • Significantly increasing traffic to your website
  • Converting more leads and enquiries
  • Using automation to follow up and nurture leads
  • Optimising sales processes to increase sales
  • Measuring every element of the sales and marketing funnels

You can hire JDR Group as your marketing partner, and using Sharpspring get access to a dedicated team of writers, designers, developers and digital marketers working to help you.

It is our business to grow your business – we want to make your marketing more measurable, more sustainable and more effective. With partners like Sharpspring and others, we have all the marketing tools you need.