Case Study: Machine Manufacturers Go From 10 Leads A Month To 100+, Generate £29m+ in Sales Pipeline

Machine Manufacturers Go From 10 Leads A Month To 100, Generate £29m+ in Sales Pipeline


  • £29m in Sales pipeline with £2.6m+ confirmed won
  • Now getting 100+ leads per month, up from just 10
  • Automated sales follow up and lead nurturing

This case study comes from a specialist machine manufacturer who sell products worldwide and wanted to improve their digital/online presence, to compliment the sales they achieve through trade shows/exhibitions. They have a technical product, which involves a large capital investment from customers, so there is a long sales cycle. We have been working with them since June 2016 to develop their marketing... this is their story.

At The Start

Before we began work, this website was getting around 2,000 visits per month and were was on page one of Google for 10-15 keywords already - so it was performing reasonably well and was getting around 10 new enquiries each month.

However the site was out of date and not mobile friendly, and their web marketing agency were not especially proactive so they agreed to trying a new approach. As a small family business, they had a small sales team, but no internal marketing person, so we have effectively become their outsourced digital marketing department.

Our Solution

We began a programme of inbound marketing, including:

  • Website design
  • Content creation
  • Search engine optimisation
  • Social media marketing
  • Google AdWords management
  • Email marketing

We recommended using HubSpot, a technology platform which allows us to:

  • A/B test landing pages, emails and website calls to action
  • Change website content according to the visitor, eg existing customer vs potential prospect
  • Automate responses and follow ups to leads/enquiries - meaning we can do automated 'lead nurturing'
  • Track and measure every element of their online marketing - in one place

Using the sales CRM element of HubSpot has also allowed us to work with them on:

  • Building a database
  • Tracking and measuring sales activity
  • Tracking, measuring and forecasting the sales pipeline

The Results

We have seen a consistent and steady growth in website traffic, which has doubled over time to over 4,000 visits per month.

Increase In Website Traffic

We have also seen a big growth in leads and enquiries, from 10 per month to 125:

Machine Manufacturers Go From 10 Leads A Month To 100, Generate £29m+ in Sales Pipeline

This has resulted in over £2m worth of confirmed orders so far (that have been generated via the web), and just as importantly, £29m in future pipeline opportunities (outstanding quotes, proposals and opportunities).

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About These Case Studies

This is the first of a series of case studies we plan to share on our blog. We have decided to keep them anonymous as a way of sharing the results we are able to achieve whilst keeping the company details confidential (we do this for a number of reasons, including the fact that many clients don't want to flag up the marketing strategy they are using to competitors).  

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