Digital Marketing For Manufacturing Business [Case Study] - Specialist Manufacturers Generate £3.6m Revenue And 5x Increase In Website Traffic

Specialist Manufacturer Rebrands & Grows To Largest In UK

Key Results

  • £3.6m in directly attributable revenue from marketing
  • 5x increase in website traffic
  • Rebrand with new logo, new branding, new brochures
  • Have now become the largest company in their niche in the UK

At The Start

This client approached us with a casual interest in digital marketing. They wanted to see what a new image could do for them. As a specialist in thermal engineering this business designs, manufactures, installs and supports heat treatment products.

We ran an analysis of the market which highlighted several key areas for improvement. The website was outdated, poorly designed, and lacked content – deemed ineffective overall. There were a handful of pages, traffic was weak, and few enquiries followed through. However, our analysis also showed that competitors faced the same issues in their online strategy, which meant an opportunity to rise through the ranks.

Our Solution

We proposed a solution that included:

We recommended HubSpot as the software platform to help us implement and measure the results (to find out more read How JDR can measure sales and marketing results with HubSpot) . As part of our service we also provided:

  • CRM configuration and set-up
  • CRM training
  • Website integration (so all leads from the website go directly into the CRM)
  • Automated email responses

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Once seeing the depth of detail provided in Hubspot’s analytics and the opportunities presented by clear data, the client embraced the move. Early results were positive, and we received the green light to go ahead and revamp their website. We revised the logo and strapline, and built a brand new website on WordPress, expanding to 25+ pages of content with a simpler structure and cleaner design. We began a consistent social media campaign and developed brochures for multiple events and promotions. The website began to attract more visitors, with enquiries building steadily.

Increased Lead Generation For Manufacturing Company Through Digital Marketing From JDR Group

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However, something was missing. We could see that Google Ads were bringing in new website visitors, but enquiries were still falling through, so we looked deeper. We identified that organic search, social media and different website traffic were the biggest contributors to leads, with GoogleAds attracting visitors but not converting them into customers. With this insight, we made changes to the GoogleAds campaign, which increased the right type of leads and led to the client securing their biggest ever job worth £350,000.

In addition, the website is going from strength to strength from an SEO perspective, with organic traffic continuing to rise.

Organic Traffic Growth and SEO Results With JDR Group Marketing Agency

The Results

This client has now won £3.6m+ worth of confirmed business that is directly attributable to the website/inbound marketing, and has grown to become the biggest company within their niche in the entire UK. With an up-to-date website and current, regular content, website traffic is now x5 higher and enquiries are consistently 20+ per month. 

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