How Has Digital Marketing Taken Over Traditional Marketing Tactics?


In recent years, digital marketing has become the dominant, most effective form of marketing. The tactics that are used by traditional marketing, have been expanded and enhanced exponentially by digital methods. When traditional methods would spread your business name to 500 potential clients, digital methods could spread it to 5,000 potential clients for a fraction of the price.

In this article, I'll be detailing a few marketing benefits that are enhanced by doing things digitally. While marketing traditionally will create results, digital marketing will expand those result by naturally increasing the scale and longevity of the campaign, and save you money whilst doing so.

Cover A Vast Amount Of Potential Clients

Facebook has around 1.25 billion users a day[1], whilst newspapers sell around 9.5 million copies daily[2]. That means if you post your advertisement in a newspaper, instead of on social media, you're missing out on millions of potential customers. What's even more noteworthy is that your local newspaper isn't going to be reaching the eager customers living outside that newspapers publishing radius. Digital marketing can ensure your adverts are spread throughout the country and even internationally.

Take The Potential To Be More Interactive

With traditional methods of marketing, you rely heavily on forcing your information on people, hoping they take it in. Through the use of digital methods, marketing becomes more of a conversation with potential, and existing, clients. Creating content that can be commented on and reacted to, not only allows, but encourages discussion. If people are talking about your business, that means they've taken in your information and it's at the forefront of their mind.

Reduce Your Costs & Get Better Results

Radio and newspaper advertisements cost you a hefty sum of money, considering the number of people consuming those forms of content is rapidly dropping. Spending a similar budget on digital marketing can take you from a single advertisement, for a single day, to a month long campaign that will provide enhanced coverage, quality and quantity, and invite much better results. There is really no reason to be forking out thousands of pounds in newspaper articles and radio advertisements when cheaper, more effective results are so readily accessible.

Track The Success Of Your Marketing

When you produce an advert for television or hand out flyers to your local community, you really have no idea how many people are watching that advert or reading that flyer. Digital marketing is able to gather the exact number of people who engaged with your content, which in turn lets you observe whether your money is being well spent. Through the use of tracking software it is possible to see how many people visited your website, where they are located, the means in which they accessed your website and more. With access to that knowledge, you can plan your marketing with very clear goals in mind, such as targeting a certain area or pushing a specific keyword.

Allow Your Content To Spread Virally

When you hand out a flyer that is one person supplying information and one person receiving information. It is highly unlikely that anyone will share that flyer with anyone else. In contrast to that, content that is uploaded digitally has multiple outlets for people to share it, be it through Facebook shares, retweets, saving pins and many more. When content is shared by the public, you're no longer printing thousands of flyers and giving that information to one individual, you're creating one piece of content and allowing it to be spread to thousands of people with minimal work at your end.

So How Has It Taken Over Traditional Tactics?

Well really, digital marketing hasn't taken over traditional marketing tactics, but instead taken those tactics and expanded upon them using the flexibility and popularity of the internet. The benefits of traditional marketing are present within digital marketing, the main difference is that getting those benefits through digital marketing is cheaper, more efficient and requires less direct input from yourself. If you want to see first-hand how digital marketing can help your business, or you just want to learn more, contact the JDR Group today.



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