Case Study: Construction Equipment Repair Business Generates An Extra £300k A Year

Construction Equipment Repair Business Generates An Extra £300k A Year


  • Now achieving 50+ enquiries per month
  • 30% overall growth in annual turnover
  • 50+ keywords on page one

This client, a successful crane servicing and repair business, approached JDR because they already had their hands full and couldn’t take on any marketing activities even if they wanted to! The owner of the business was considering bringing in extra help so that the company could expand and grow but instead decided to take some of the weight off their shoulders and entrust their digital marketing to JDR.

This decision has led to organic traffic being tripled (see above), and an overall growth in business of 30% (a turnover increase of £300k).

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Our Solution

We proposed a solution that included:

We recommended HubSpot as the software platform to help us implement and measure the results (to find out more read How JDR can measure sales and marketing results with HubSpot). As part of our service we also provided:

  • CRM configuration and set-up
  • CRM training
  • Website integration (so all leads from the website go directly into the CRM)
  • Automated email responses

Our Focus

We identified a lack of written information online; this gap in the market would provide the foundation for our article work, serving as one of the industry’s few reputable sources of information at the end of a google search. As a client in a hands-on industry, we decided to create content that is less theoretical and more practical. In keeping with our in-person strategy, we visited the client regularly and took extensive notes on what they do, which then allowed us to create their first e-book - a guide on troubleshooting cranes.

This guide has now been downloaded 789 times. A leading UK manufacturer of cranes has been very supportive of the content generated by JDR; the level of quality in articles and e-books has substantially helped the client’s relationship with their most important partner in business, as well as attracted many new customers.

The foundation of all this is, of course, the brand-new website we built for the client that hosts all of this content!

The Results

Over the years, and with a gradual production of more and more content, almost any search for this particular brand of cranes will lead to this client – who, at one point, received an enquiry from the other side of the country because they were the only business showing up in the customer’s Google searches!

Construction Equipment Repair Business Generates An Extra £300k A Year

The client has seen their profile raised significantly, with increased traffic and a renewed focus on sales. Leads and enquiries from the new website have increased to over 50 per month, and the business is now moving into crane sales and spare parts as they continue to expand. Finally, their business has now grown by 30%, which equals an extra £300,000 a year.

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