6 Easy To Follow Content Marketing Tips For All Industries & Budgets!


This article is for you if you are unable to employ an expert to do your content marketing for you, or you would like to top up the content marketing your marketing agency does for you. The thought of doing it for yourself may fill you with dread, but it doesn’t have to! Here are some easy to follow tips for you to action to make content marketing for your business easier. You can follow these tips no matter what industry you are in and no matter what size your marketing budget is!

Tip 1 – Do Not Over Promise!

Do not put unnecessary pressure on yourself by making promises you simply can’t keep! Do not over promise your followers, only say you will do what you know you are capable of doing! Because, believe me, if you make a promise you can’t keep, someone will notice! And it will leave a bad taste in your followers mouth as far as your brand is concerned. I remember when Facebook giveaways first came out, I saw that so many small businesses over promised prizes they simply couldn’t afford to give away! It was disastrous for both their brand and reputation! This leads me onto my next tip!.......................


Tip 2 – Be Consistent

If you say you are going to upload new content every Monday, then be sure to do it! And do it week in and week out without fail. People love consistency. They will like the fact that they can rely on you to provide them with interesting content on the same day each week. Some of your followers will make a point of logging in at the same time each week to catch up on your content. So do not let them down by being inconsistent. Consistency will help you to build a loyal following.

Tip 3 – No Fluff

When it comes to creating your content avoid fluff and only produce high quality original content, that will inspire, educate and entertain your followers. Don’t fall into the same trap that a lot of content marketers do and try to fluff things up by adding a load of jargon, because you are worried your content won’t look impressive enough. Or your word count won’t hit the quota required for good SEO. Just keep things simple, your readers will thank you for it. Jargon will bore them and they will lose interest in your content, and as far as Google is concerned engagement rates will improve your rankings far more than word count ever will! Sometimes less is more!


Tip 4 – Turn Your Frequently Asked Questions Into Posts

If you find yourself answering the same questions from customers over and over again, turn these questions into blog posts. For example, if you own a bed shop and customers keep coming into the shop and asking which mattress is best to pair with a particular bed type, write an article on this. You will find it so easy to do, as it is a subject you are highly knowledgeable on and your customers and potential customers will love you for it. Listen very carefully to your customers, listen to their questions and concerns daily and you can’t fail to come up with engaging content for your business on a regular basis. Content marketing is all about giving your followers what they want, so listen to what they want to know and provide them with it!


Tip 5 – Make Good Use Of Your Businesses Resources

Does your business have any YouTube videos, or even brochures? If so turn them into blog posts. If your company has created a video, do a write up on the video and post it on your blog. The same goes for your brochures. If you have a company brochure with lots of products in, each week you could pick an item and do a write up on that particular product for your blog and social media posts. Be sure to make the post interesting and not to ‘salesy’. Focus on what your customer will want to know about the product you are writing about. Such as how it works, the benefits of it etc. Add lots of great quality images.

I have done this for a few of my clients and named the posts product of the week and their followers absolutely loved it! My clients did too as their engagement rates and interest in their products went through the roof. It also opened their eyes, as the products that interested their customers on social media were completely different to what they had expected. Which made them rethink both their sales strategy and their social media marketing strategy.

Tip 6 – Share The Load

I’m sure you’re not the only one within your business who is capable of producing content for the company. So don’t feel you have to take it all on yourself! There are things your staff can do to help! For example, if you have a sales team, get a member of the sales team to write about their role within the company or a particular special offer they may have available that week. Do the same for each department. It adds a personal touch as your readers will feel like they are getting to know different members of your team, it also provides your followers and potential followers with interesting content that they actually want to engage with! Where possible add a picture of the member of staff that wrote the article, people love photos! So capitalise on this!


I hope the above tips have proved useful and will encourage you to give content marketing for your business a try! For more great content marketing tips check out: https://www.jdrgroup.co.uk/blog

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