How Does My Website Compare To My Competitors?

 How Does My Website Compare To My Competitors

In the digital economy we live in, having a business website is a must. However, having a website alone is not enough: customers will not flock to your site just because you have it; they will browse around and choose the company with the most compelling online presence, and not just through Google either. B2B enquiries now frequently come through LinkedIn or Facebook as well as the company website, so if your website isn’t delivering the results you expected, it’s time to check how it fares when compared to your competitors.

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Here Are 5 Ways Of Assessing Your Business Website:

1) The Squint Test:

This is used in web design to assess the overall impact and effectiveness of a site. Squint and let your eyes defocus while you look at your homepage. Can you still get a clear idea of what the website is about? Do titles, taglines, and images stand out? If not, your site may appear as something of “a blur” to customers.

2) Is Your Messaging Clear?

Is your branding clear? Do you appear human, personal, and approachable? Does the site have pleasant but impactful visuals? (Note: Beware of stock photography!). Do your competitors offer anything you don’t? Many business website fall into the trap of showing what they DO – but not WHY anyone should choose them to do it – is your site guilty of this?

3) Is The Website Easy To Use On All Devices, including mobiles and tablets?

Does it work on all browsers? This is important, since almost half of all UK Internet users connect to the net via a smartphone.

4) Is It Clear To Customers What The Next Step Is After Browsing Your Site?

Is it easy for them to contact you via your website? How user-friendly are the contact forms?

5) Is The Website Functional?

In other words, can customers do what they need to do on your site without getting frustrated? Pay attention to how long it takes for the site to load, and avoid Flash or other overwhelming visual effects.

Remember that your website is the modern day equivalent of your shop front - it's your home on the Internet and often the first point of contact, so first impressions count. To make your “online home” inviting, it pays to make sure your website is effective before you start doing any online marketing. If your website isn’t functional or appealing, marketing won’t work and your investment won’t pay off, since the first impression will be negative and you’ll be turning customers away.

If you’d like to know how your website compares to your competitors, we strongly recommend you book a 20-minute no-obligation audit with one of our marketing experts. Our free inbound marketing audit will help you to:

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