Case Study: Building Design Company Reduces Reliance On Paid Leads

Building Design Company Grows Website Leads & EnquiriesKEY RESULTS:

  • Website traffic grown from 500 to 3,000+ visits per month
  • Now getting 75+ leads per month
  • Systemised sales system and follow up

This case study is from a local, family-run building design company who approached us looking for a marketing company to help them to generate their own leads and enquiries. Their main source of new customers, apart from word of mouth, was paying for leads from an online portal. This was a) expensive and b) the leads were often price shoppers who were getting several quotes. The goal was to build a pipeline of regular inbound website enquiries, but being a small business run from home, the decision to invest in an all-in-one marketing programme was a big one. Here is how they got on...

At The Start

Before starting work we performed a full audit of the current traffic levels and number of enquiries/leads per month. This showed that the website was getting around 500 visits per month, and getting around 5 enquiries per month on average. The website was outdated and not mobile friendly. The client struggled to update the website with new projects and testimonials.

Our Solution

We proposed a solution that included:

  • New Website Design
  • Content Marketing - primarily through regular blog articles and also eBooks/whitepapers
  • SEO
  • Google AdWords
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Email marketing

We recommended HubSpot as the software platform to help us implement and measure the results (to find out more read How JDR can measure sales and marketing results with HubSpot) . As part of our service we also provided:

  • CRM configuration and set-up
  • CRM training
  • Website integration (so all leads from the website go directly into the CRM)
  • Automated email responses
  • Sales email templates
  • Social media training

The Results

The new website was designed and built quickly - with an emphasis on showcasing their fabulous project images and showcasing their case studies. The new website design has had lots of compliments and positive feedback, and the analytics show several visitors spend lots of time clicking through the various project examples online.

The next step was to launch their first free guide/whitepaper - a resource which has now been downloaded more than 500 times and been useful for generating new leads, and educating existing leads/customers. 

Google AdWords started working very quickly, and with regular blogging and SEO building organic traffic and improving their web rankings, the overall traffic growth has been fantastic - four times what it was at the start:

Building Design Company Increases Website Traffic

Significant work has been done to increase both the quality and quantity of leads coming in - here's the graph showing the growth of new lead generation:

Building Design Company Grows Website Leads & Enquiries

Better Sales & Marketing

In addition to increasing the website traffic and increasing leads and enquiries, as a result of our regular meetings and strategy sessions we have also helped with the following:

  • Systemised their sales process
  • Improved follow up of quotes and enquiries - making it consistent and measurable
  • Provided training on social media for their own in-house social media posts
  • Ability to measure the effectiveness and ROI of social media

As always, there are many soft benefits of the increased visibility and awareness that comes with this method of marketing - they are becoming better known in the industry and are increasing word of mouth.

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