Case Study: Specialist Precision Engineering Firm Build The Best Web Presence In Their Industry

Website Improvements For Engineering Company With JDR Group

Often, before starting work with a business, we'll do a full audit of their current situation, including website traffic, Google rankings, social media presence, domain authority, and so on. After working with this client for 12 months, we decided we'd look back at this original audit and evaluate the progress since November 2016. 

About The Business

This client is a specialist precision engineering company, with customers in industries such as Aerospace, Oil & Gas, Defence, Hydraulics, Packaging, Medical and more. Following a difficult business year in 2016 they were determined to grow the company back to previous heights and needed to improve their marketing to do it.

Already active at industry events, they decided to focus on their website and online marketing, so when we presented our all-in-one, done-for-you inbound marketing system they decided to give it a try.

At The Start

Before we began work, this website was averaging 775 visitors per month and they were getting enquiries - around 10 per month.

However the website was out of date and not mobile friendly, they were spending money with lots of different directories (for example Applegate) with no real measurement of their results.

We compared them with their major competitors and found that they were very much a mid-ranking website in comparison with the bigger, better funded businesses in their space.

What We Did

After some initial strategic planning we launched our first campaign targeting a particular industry sector, including writing a guide/eBook to offer as a free downloadable resource, several blog posts, and a co-ordinated social media and paid search campaign together with email marketing.

Following the success of the first campaign, we began work on the next guide, and began a regular program of blogging, social media posts (particularly on LinkedIn), together with SEO and Google AdWords. 

We also introduced HubSpot as a platform to implement and measure all of the marketing activity in one place.

With this marketing activity in place, we began work on updating and redesigning the website.

The Results

Website traffic has risen steadily and is now roughly double what it was at the starting point, here's the graph below:

Website Traffic Increasing For Manufacturing Company

A key element for the increase in traffic is improved Google rankings, with 31 tracked keywords now on page one:

Keyword Rankings For precision Engineering Company

And the number of leads, enquiries and quote requests generated continues to rise, increasing to 27 in May 2018:

Increase In Leads and Enquiries Since Working With JDR For Manufacturing Company

The Best Website In The Industry

We have recently reviewed the website against the competition, using a number of independent metrics including HubSpot's Marketing Grade - this client is now top-scoring in their industry!

The new website is:

  • Mobile and tablet friendly
  • Editable, built on WordPress, the open source CMS system
  • Fully tracked, with HubSpot, Google Analytics, Google AdWords conversion tracking and Google Search Console all installed
  • Updated regularly with news, industry opinion and helpful content for customers and potential customers

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The company is now going from strength to strength, enjoying it's best ever month in sales and making more profit in the first quarter of this tax year than the entire year before. While not the only factor, having a more proactive and effective marketing strategy has made a big contribution, and it has consolidated several different tactics into a single, combined strategy.

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