Inbound Marketing For Industrial Pump Suppliers [Case Study]

Traffic growth for industrial pump suppliers - JDR Group Case Study

This is the case study of a specialist B2B pump supplier providing technical solutions to a number of markets.

The company had ambitious growth plans. They had identified that their website was more than five years old, and was going to be a key part of how they were going to achieve their goals.

They went looking for a good marketing agency to work with, and after an extensive research process, decided on JDR Group.

Read on to discover how they updated their website as part of an ongoing marketing programme, growing their website traffic and enquiries significantly. 

An Outdated Website

When we first met this client, the company was 7 years in, and had outgrown their website which was fast becoming dated. The directors felt that the main challenges with their online presence were:

  • The website made the company look smaller than they were
  • They had no time for marketing in-house
  • They had no way of measuring their marketing

They identified a number of goals for their website and online marketing:

  • To break into new markets
  • To get better Google results
  • To demonstrate their expertise
  • To improve user experience on the website
  • To achieve their high growth targets

They researched and met a number of marketing agencies, and after several discussions chose JDR.

A 'Done For You' Marketing Programme

During the course of our discussions, we put together a tailored marketing programme for them. Our role was to implement an inbound marketing programme which would deliver a new website and ensure consistent marketing activity.

The programme included:

  • Website Design - we built a new website, including a custom design, copywriting, and a full migration of all of their product information.
  • Marketing Strategy - developing a plan to attract their ideal customers including customer profiling, keyword and competitor research to develop a content and conversion strategy.
  • SEO (search engine optimisation) - ongoing SEO to achieve high natural rankings in Google.
  • Content marketing - regular blog articles written, published and promoted across social media.
  • Email marketing and social media support - email marketing and social media were to be managed in-house, and we have provided HubSpot marketing training and support/guidance on how to get the best results.
  • Lead generation - we applied several conversion rate optimisation strategies to the website, and also created PDF guides to use as part of online lead generation.
  • HubSpot CRM (customer relationship management) implementation 
  • LinkedIn Advertising - targeted ads showing to people in hand-picked job roles in specific industries on LinkedIn.
  • Access to JDR's exclusive video training hub - with training videos on sales, social media, video and much more.

Here's how the programme has benefitted the business:

A Brand New Image

The first step of the programme was to rebuild and relaunch the website. As a product-based website (but not E-commerce), the priority was making it easy for their users to find the right products. We used an intuitive site search, categorised products according to application, brand and by product type and added easy product filtering to make this possible.

There was a brand new design using video to create a more inspiring and credible first impression. The site was built on the cloud-based platform Shopify - which makes it easy to update the site.

The new image is now much more of a reflection on the size and expertise of the company.

Website Traffic Has Tripled


Since going live in late 2020, website traffic has grown from around 2,000 sessions per month to over 6,000 a month. The growth has come primarily from Organic traffic. This is a direct result of the content marketing and search engine optimisation helping the site get found for more and more Google searches.

2,182 Keywords Found In Google


With a well-structured and high-performing website, regular blog articles and gradually improving SEO the site is now ranking in Google for 2,182 different search terms in the UK.

Blog Articles Getting Thousands Of Views


With new blog articles being published every month, the views have continued to climb - more than doubling since the starting point. Again, this growth has come from Google as the articles are appearing in more and more keyword searches.

Website Becoming More & More Effective


A lot of work has been done to the website since it went live. We believe strongly that a website is never finished, that it should be continually improved. We've continued to work at improving conversions with this client. When the site first went live, they had a lead in every 200 visitors to their site - and with this ongoing work, this has improved to nearly 1 in 100 now.

60 Inbound Leads Per Month - More Than Double The Starting Point


With traffic growing, the number of leads enquiries has naturally grown with it, and are now more than double what they were. And the enquiries are generating business! The total potential value of all enquiries (to date) is significant, sales are converting and the list of leads includes some of the largest potential buyers in the industry. 

Email Marketing & Lead Nurturing


Not all leads convert immediately, and in this industry there can be long buying cycles. So we've worked together to create a regular programme of email marketing. These include case studies, industry news, blogs and product promotions. They are sent to existing customers (as a way of staying in touch and staying 'top of mind'), as well as past enquiries and current opportunities. 

We've now automated much of this - we have built automated lead nurture workflows which trigger automatically whenever new leads or enquiries come in. These send timed emails to new prospects designed to educate them and encourage them to become customers. The emails are sector-specific and tailored based on how much interest each lead is showing - providing a level of personalisation that isn't possible with traditional email marketing.

A CRM System To Run Quoting, Sales & Marketing

With any marketing investment you make in business, measurement is key. At the start of the programme, we introduced HubSpot as a way of keeping track of the website performance (it integrates seamlessly with Shopify), and to enable us to log and track every single inbound lead and enquiry.

At first, HubSpot was used purely by the marketing team but the sales team have now discovered how easy it is to use. HubSpot has now become the company CRM system. 

With guided onboarding, extensive training for the team and all the set-up done for them, HubSpot is now being used for:

  • Sales reporting & forecasting
  • Recording and logging all customer communication
  • Tracking all quotes and sales opportunities
  • Standardising and sharing sales best practices including email templates
  • Customer support - logging and tracking all customer issues
  • Account based marketing & account-based selling
  • Live chat

The next step is to use HubSpot's automation to make things even more efficient, and to reduce the admin for the sales team to allow them to spend more time selling.

JDR have also now completed a complex integration between HubSpot and their ERP system, which uses HubSpot's 'Custom Objects' feature and complex data to fully connect the two platforms and give them a fully customised CRM.

This means that HubSpot is now a reporting platform for the entire business, giving the management team a single joined up view on everything that affects revenue. 

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