3 Ways To Increasing Organic Traffic & How To Track Progress

3 Ways To Increasing Organic Traffic & How To Track Progress.png
No matter what industry you’re in, you will always want to improve your organic rankings and traffic. Gaining organic traffic can be extremely beneficial to your business and this is something you should always strive for. If you’re able to gain enough of the right organic traffic to your website it can make a significant difference to your business enquires and leads. In this article, I will be discussing 3 ways in which you can help to increase organic traffic and how you can also track progress and results.

Let’s get started…

1. Hire A Marketing Agency

The first way to increase organic traffic is to hire a marketing agency. Yes this may not be at the top of your list to do but the results speak for themselves when it comes to hiring a marketing agency. It’s often the case that you’re busy and lost within your own businesses world and soon forget about any marketing for your business. Many businesses try and do it themselves but it often gets dropped to the bottom of anyone’s work list and before you know it no marketing is being done for your business at all.

This is where hiring a marketing agency comes into play. They spend all day everyday working with clients to improve marketing results and to improve organic traffic and rankings. They know this field like the back of their hand and know every technique under the sun to get results. They can plough through your marketing efforts and they can certainly get results for your business. Here at JDR we have many different packages to suit the different businesses and clients out there and we tailor these to get the best results for your business!

Yes you may not want to spend money on marketing, but you know how the old saying goes… You’ve got to spend money to make money!

2. Publish Articles On Your Business Blog

My next way of increasing organic traffic is a method that you can in fact do yourself, and this is not anything new that I’m about to tell you. Posting articles on your business blog can work absolute wonders for your organic traffic. Not only will it improve organic traffic but it’ll also mean you become an industry expert and people refer back to. Publishing articles can mean you rank highly organically for many different variations of search phrase. This means that one article can potentially rank for a whole number of organic searches!

When posting articles on your business blog you need to make sure you’re answering common questions asked by your customers and potential customers. The more information you’re able to give them about a problem or issue the more they’ll feel you’re an expert in your industry. They will then visit your website to learn more about the services/products you offer, meaning they’re more likely to turn into a new active customer. This is just one way publishing articles can help your business.

3. Implement Onsite SEO To Your Website

Implementing onsite SEO can be extremely rewarding and organic traffic/rankings can improve within a very short time period. When making updates and implementing onsite SEO you need to make sure you’re targeting keywords that actually get searched for. There is no point in spending time updating your onsite SEO only to find that none of your new keywords even get searched for! You need to spend some time researching what your customers search for and then incorporate that into your onsite SEO on your website.

It can often be the case that by just tweaking some onsite SEO features organic traffic shoots up and your rankings improve. Please note, you need to be very careful when updating your onsite SEO, as if you do it wrong it could negatively impact your website organic traffic, and you don’t want that! Learn more about what not to do with this article - What NOT To Do When Implementing Onsite SEO Changes To Your B2B Website.

How To Track Progress & Results

The easiest and most effective method of tracking progress and results is to use Google Analytics. If it’s the case you’re not currently using Google Analytics I strongly suggest you get this installed onto your website. If you’re unfamiliar with Google Analytics then give this article a quick read - Google Analytics Guide For Dummies – 7 Things You Need To Master The Basics.

Google Analytics basically tracks every aspect of your website and it also tracks how people get to it. This is where you’re able to see how well your organic traffic is going. From inside Google Analytics you can see exactly how many people are visiting your website from organic search, not only this but you can also track this using their timeline feature. Here you will be able to make a note of how many organic visitors you’ve received in one month, and then compare it to your latest month. This will give you an immediate snapshot of whether or not your organic traffic has gone up or not.

If you’re checking your Google Analytics accounts and you’re unsure as to what data you should be looking at, give our expert team a call and we can discuss how you can improve your marketing strategy!

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