4 Quick Wins To Boost Your Organic Traffic

4 Quick Wins To Boost Your Organic Traffic.jpg

How many visitors does your website currently attract organically each month? 500? 1,000? Not even that much? Are you happy with the number of visitors your website is attracting? Boosting your organic website traffic can prove to be a challenge for many business owners.

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Google has evolved immensely over these last few years and so has our search behaviour. If your company is still using outdated SEO tactics to try and get more organic hits then your organic traffic levels could be at risk. This could mean you need to look at ways on how you can boost your organic traffic.

1) Check Your Website Speed

Website speed has always been important in the optimisation of your website, not just from a ranking perspective but also from a user experience perspective. During Google's evolution, it has adapted to become more focused on UX now than ever before. This is now a vital part of modern day SEO. Google loves to see fast loading websites and so do searchers.

Getting your website speed up to scratch is also something that is simple. It doesn't take much time, effort or money to fix it. You should visit the Google Page Speed Insights tool to diagnose the elements of your website that can be improved. From there, pass this onto your website hosts or developer and they should be able to implement the fixes for you simply enough.

2) Remove Any Low-Quality Pages

Is your website plagued by pages with little to no content? How do you think your visitors would react to these pages?

When the Google spiders crawl your site, they can't crawl every URL, especially if your site is large. The types of pages you should look at removing are:

  • Outdated news items or old blog articles
  • Any pages that are no longer relevant
  • Content that is seasonal or timely and isn't relevant at present
  • Multiple pages that could be made into one better page
  • Pages with very little content on them

There are more but you get the idea. Locating these pages and removing them will help your organic SEO efforts because it will improve the overall quality of your site and the overall user experience also.

3) Add More Engaging Content

Content is king. That phrase has been used a lot recently but it's very true. Google and searchers love engaging and useful content. You don't necessarily need to add a bundle of new pages but you can simply expand on the content you have and improve your current pages. Your homepage is vital, as it is the page that generates the most traffic and you will need to direct your visitors to the right place. If the content on your home page has no substance to it and isn't engaging, it's not going to perform well or rank well. Improving this page should be your main priority. Then you can go on to look at your other internal pages in order of importance and then discover areas where you can add more content.


4) Review Your URLs

URL structure is still an extremely important part of SEO but having a flat URL structure is now considered outdated. You should have a logical structure to your website. This will help search engines and visitors to understand what your website is about.

A logical structure is to have your individual pages within a series of groups, like a hierarchy. A services page about plumbing for example, could be domain.co.uk/services/plumbing. Drilling even further down, an internal page on the third level could be domain.co.uk/services/plumbing/pipe-repair.

Structuring your website in this way will help to make it easy to understand, navigate and will give it more authority.

Traffic Without A Converting Website is Worthless

Boosting your organic traffic is very important however if your website doesn't convert it is worthless. That's why in the modern era of SEO and digital marketing, conversion rate optimisation plays a more crucial part. Focus on getting your website converting at a good level first and then drive the traffic.

Hopefully, these quick wins will help you boost your organic traffic to levels you've not yet reached.

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