6 Expert Tips To Stepping Up Your Conversion Game

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Every business and website monitors conversions in a different way. Many businesses out there don’t even track conversions on their website. In the modern world, it’s vital that you have a conversion point for your website. Without one, you will never truly know how successful your website is at converting new visitors into customers. In this article, I will be discussing 6 tips that you can use to help step up and improve your current conversion game. If it’s the case you don’t yet have any conversion goals for your website you first need to set some up. Here is a great article to get you started - Your Website Conversion Checklist – A FREE Guide To Help Increase Website Conversions.

Now let’s get started with the tips…

Tip 1 – Have You Recently Reviewed Your Website?

My first tip to stepping up your conversion game is to review your website. Have you recently had your website reviewed? Have you ever had your website reviewed?  Reviewing your website can really open your eyes and it can help you find flaws within the process of using your website. When reviewing your website you need to look out for anything that stands out which isn’t user-friendly. If it’s the case you’re continuously making updates to your website then ask a friend or family member to visit your website and to make notes. If you’re always on your website you will become blind to any flaws and just see your website through tunnel vision.

What should you look out for when reviewing your website?

- Unresponsive Site On Mobile: There is nothing worse than viewing a website on a mobile device and having to scroll back and forth to read information

- Broken Links: If you click through your pages and find broken links this will 100% put users off continuing to use your site

- Checkout Issues: If you go through the whole checkout process you could find sections which put users off from finishing their orders

Tip 2 – Have You Analysed Results?

Analysing results can show results in clear black and white text that you can’t argue with. If you don’t regularly analyse results how do you even know if your conversion game needs stepping up? By analysing results you can see how successful your conversion goals are and whether or not you need to spend time and resources improving them. 99% of the time business owners feel they’re not gaining anything from their website but by actually sitting down and analysing results this soon can change their thought process. 

Tip 3 – Have You Tried Testing New Offers?

It could be the case that your conversion game is dropping due to the offer you’re pushing and promoting. There could be absolutely nothing wrong with your website layout, content and form fields but the main offer might not be right for the intended viewer. Try testing new offers and you would be surprised with how results can improve!

For example, let’s say your offer is a free no obligation call. It could be the case that your viewers are not ready to speak over the phone. If you then switched your offer to a free no obligation email viewers wouldn’t feel it’s such a commitment to take you up on your offer. Thinking outside the box can really help with this one!

Tip 4 – Have You Tested New Elements On Your Website?

Testing, testing… this really is a must when it comes to stepping up your conversion game. Never settle for just ‘good’ and ‘okay’ conversion rates. Always strive for ‘incredible’ and ‘outstanding’ conversation rates. By testing different elements on your website you’re able to see how users and visitors react to changes and whether they take positively to them or not. Never test too many elements in one go, this will dilute your results and will mean you’re unable to see what element change made the most impact.

You would be surprised as to how much of an impact testing small elements can have on overall conversion rates!

Tip 5 – Have You Considered New Call To Action Text / Layout?

Having Call To Actions dotted around your website will massively boost conversion rates. If you can point visitors towards a relevant offer within your content they will be much more likely to take the offer, instead of leaving them to find it themselves. Having Call To Actions set up is one thing, but it’s a whole different ballgame to try new and updated ones.

Similar to my last point, the more testing you can do on your Call To Actions the more statistics you can get for each version. You can then start to test new text and layouts for the best performing Call To Action.

Tip 6 – Have You Tweaked Your Headline Recently?

A headline on a page is the first thing a viewer registers and you need to make sure it is clear and direct. Don’t beat around the bush when putting a page headline together. One of the most beneficial things you can do is constantly tweak your page headline to try and boost conversion rates even more. Just by making small tweaks over time you’ll soon end up with a bullet proof headline which converts even more visitors into customers and clients.

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Whatever your current conversion rate is, you need to always strive to improve it. Never settle for any results and always beat previous statistics. It all comes down to reviewing and analysing the data you’ve got. Always make updates and test new elements to get even better results. If you need any help or have any questions about conversion contact us today!

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