Not All Marketing Agencies Are The Same - Don't Let A Bad Experience Ruin Your Business!

Not All Marketing Agencies Are The Same - Don't Let A Bad Experience Ruin Your Business!.jpg

Have you ever been let down by someone who promised you the earth? If so, how did that make you feel? You were probably really cheesed off and vowed to never repeat the experience again.

The world of digital marketing can be extremely hard to understand, especially if you're on the outside looking in and you don't understand the technical jargon used. For this reason, it can be very easy to sign a misleading contract with an untrustworthy marketing agency.

Nevertheless in order to survive in today's highly competitive market you can't just sit on the sidelines, otherwise you run the risk of falling behind! You can't let your past experiences ruin your business' future.

Here are three quick tips to help you choose a reputable, trustworthy marketing firm.

Tip 1) “Big” Names Aren't Necessarily The Best Choice!

Many people assume that “big” household names (with flashy client lists) will give you the best results. To assume that local, slightly smaller marketing agencies are “no good” and “useless at achieving results” is completely inaccurate. Always keep in mind that every marketing business will have skilful markets on their team that know what they are doing. The best way forward is to contact a range of companies and ask for their advice and tips.

Tip 2) Do Your Homework! Test The Waters!

You can talk the talk, but can you walk the walk? Hunting down your ideal marketing agency all starts with doing some research. Don't just reply on someone's word. Alarm bells should be ringing the minute the agency starts telling you things like “we can get you on page 1 of Google in a few months” or “we can double your website conversions and sales in no time!”

Don't be fooled by the lies and the deceit. Always ask the agency to back up their claims. For example, you could ask them if they have any accreditations or proof of past results, such as case studies or honest reviews. Ask them if they have worked on other campaigns for businesses that are similar to yours. Ask them if they specialise in one particular area like Google AdWords.

By all means ask them questions about what kind of results they hope to achieve, but don't get sucked down the rabbit hole of false promises.

Tip 3) Don't Dive In Head First!

After you have finished contacting reputable marketing agencies in your local area you should then make a detailed list of the pros and cons of each company. Don't just focus on the facts and figures or the price of the package. You should also consider which firm is the most understanding of your situation. Also, do you actually like their personality - are they easy to talk to? Remember you'll need to speak with your marketing firm on a regular basis in order to make this partnership work.

If one of the marketing firms is pressurising you and forcing you to make a decision quickly, then this is a sign that you should look elsewhere.

How Can JDR Help You?

The number one golden tip to ensure you never get burnt again by untrustworthy marketing agencies is to always pay attention to what they do, not what they say. Actions speak louder than words.

The JDR Group specialises in inbound marketing – a system of marketing which focuses on getting your ideal customers coming to you, rather than you chasing after them. We cover a huge range of services from SEO to pay-per-click, social media marketing and email campaigns. You can trust us for the following reasons – we are:

Here at the JDR Group we believe in a culture of honesty, and that's why we won't promise you things that aren't plausible. If you have any questions, or you'd like to discuss one area of marketing in particular, then please feel free to contact our friendly team of experts today on 01332 343281 or submit an enquiry through our contact form.


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