How To Measure Your Business Lead Generation Effectively

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All business owners want effective lead generation. A single business owner may use a wide range of different techniques in the hopes of getting more customers. This may include SEO and PPC work, social media marketing and creating eBooks. However, doing all this won’t automatically mean getting more customers. So, how do you know if this is actually generating more interest in your business? You may see an increase in sales, but how else can you tell if your marketing strategy is working?

Google Analytics

Google Analytics allows you to monitor the activities of the visitors of your site. It’s nice knowing how many visitors are coming to your site, but they may just be going on to your site and leaving after a few seconds. A person may visit your site and have absolutely no interest in your products or services and just leave. Without Google Analytics, you wouldn’t know this. It could then become increasingly confusing and frustrating if you’re seeing visitors to your website go up but not your sales.

Google effectively allows you to monitor the behaviour of your site visitors. You can see how long users spend on each page they visit, locate bounce pages and even compare how many people are visiting your site. The detailed analysis allows you to identify what people are most interested in on your website (and what they’re not interested in) and how most people are accessing your site. This allows you to make improvements to your website so that the stronger areas continue to get traffic while the weaker areas of your website can be reassessed. Google Analytics effectively proves that increased traffic doesn’t magically make your leads go up, and shows you what you need to know to help improve your website.

CRM Software

CRM software, or Customer Relationship Management software, helps to track leads, automate sales, and boost customer interaction among other things. It is essentially a tool used to manage the relationship between a business and its customers. The software allows you to keep track of what point in the sales process your customers are at, whether it’s actually purchasing your product or just browsing.

This is an extremely useful tool to have as it allows you to see which of your leads are the most important to you and allows you to focus on potential customers that will help boost your sales. The software also shows you which sources of lead generation are most effective which, of course, is a huge benefit to your business. You can track what is bringing in a lot of customers and what isn’t and determine why this might be.


Hubspot also tracks visitors on your website. It can tell you what is and isn’t working for your business. Once a user fills in a form on your website, you can see every way they interact with your business, whether this is through your website, through emails, or social media. This allows you to track how successful your marketing campaign is beyond just your website. Hubspot is a great tool to assess your marketing campaign and what needs to be changed in order to generate more leads.

It also allows you to create targeted lists and start automated email campaigns. This allows you to nurture your leads and move them closer to using your services or products. You can focus on the customers that actually appear to have a solid interest in what you do. You can also score your leads so that your sales team knows who is most likely to be interested in your services. This can undoubtedly help your business increase its sales figures.

Need Help With Generating Leads?

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