5 Effortless Lead Generation Tips And Tricks You Can Implement Today

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Lead generation is seen as the long-term goal of a marketing strategy, not something that happens overnight. ‘Patience, dear Watson’, ‘Rome wasn’t built in a day’ and other similar platitudes are often used by marketing professionals to underline the point that marketing is not a quick fix solution. This is true in a way, but what about quick tips and tricks you can implement today? Are there any lead generation tricks you can put in place with minimal time or effort? Yes, there are. While there is no such thing as a magic wand to conjure immediate results, the following five lead generation tips have been proven to generate increased leads over time.

1) Make A Video

If you haven’t yet made a product or service video, do it today. Businesses that don’t use video are invisible to the millions of people who use YouTube and Facebook video as business tools. You also miss out on the 65% of people who are visual learners. Some case studies have shown that explanatory videos can increase new leads by 30% or more. ‘But won’t this cost me hundreds of pounds?’ Not necessarily; there are plenty of online apps, such as animoto, that allow you to create great videos for a pittance, or even for free. Create a short service video and upload it to your YouTube account or Facebook page, then advertise the link on social media.

2) Reposition Your CTA

How obvious is your call to action box on your main webpages? Bear in mind that you will have spent hours poring over every detail of your website, but your average visitor will expect to find information they need within seconds. Get a friend or colleague to visit your website and tell you how quickly it took them to find your CTA. Or, squint your eyes until the screen is blurry and see how easy it is to locate. Ideally, the CTA should be central enough and eye-catching enough that it is one of the first things a visitor sees on the website, even with a cursory glance. Ensure your CTA box contrasts with the rest of your website and is centralised (rather than relegated to the left or right column) and you could see an increase in leads of up to 500%!

3) Simplify Your CTA

How many calls to action are on your site? In other words, how many things are you asking visitors to do; ask for a quote, sign up to a newsletter, ask a question, download a brochure? The sad fact about human beings is that the more decisions you ask them to make, the less likely it is they’ll be able to make a choice at all. Keep it nice and simple, and restrict your asks to one or at most two CTAs. From a marketing perspective you want to get visitors onto your nurturing programme, so try and harvest as many email addresses/phone numbers as you can in exchange for some downloadable content. You can save the other asks for another time.

4) Write Regular Blogs

Most businesses understand that regular blogging is a good thing, but it is another thing to put into practice. If you can do no more, take 20 minutes a week to write a short blog for your website. It really does make a big difference to your online profile. Stick with it and your traffic and search rankings will grow over time. Even better, put together a 6 to 12 month content plan with blog titles that directly reflect your target keywords. It’s not unrealistic to expect organic traffic to more than double within a year of doing this. Chat to one of our marketing team about putting together a great content plan for your business.

5) Use Website Popups

Love them or hate them, website pop-up windows get people’s attention. It doesn’t have to be intrusive. Set up a simple pop-up that is displayed to a visitor after 30 seconds on your website. The pop-up could be a CTA window that offers the user access to a free e-book or app in exchange for their email address. Job done!

More Lead Generation Tricks

There are hundreds of different lead generation tips that are quick to implement and give a boost to your leads. Taken individually the impact is minimal, but when part of a marketing strategy the effect is noticeable and cumulative. Download our free 30 Lead Generation Tips for some more fast and fun ideas.

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