Lead Generation vs. Brand Awareness - Getting The Balance Right!

Lead generation vs brand awareness

Brand awareness and lead generation can often feel like a battle, but in truth, it should be a balancing act. It should not feel like you are constantly having to decide whether to push lead generation or your brand identity. In fact, when used effectively and strategically, the two methods can work in harmony with one and other.

Brand Awareness

If you're to get the balance right, you need to understand the premise behind both lead generation and brand awareness. With regards to the latter, there are a number of elements that must be in place. This includes your brand's foundation, which is your company's website. Is it user-friendly and functional? Is the content SEO-optimised yet relevant and fresh? Thought leadership, diverse content, positioning, and your message also play a critical role. It is all about how the public views your company.

Lead Generation

While brand awareness is about the visibility of your company and the opinion you form, lead generation is about capturing leads. When done correctly, content that is relevant and of a high-quality will draw users in, which then gives you the capacity to capture leads. You will also get to boost your SEO ranking in the process. You need a solid plan for lead generation, followed by providing collateral and then gathering and evaluating your data.

The Balancing Act

Rather than viewing both approaches as contrasting strategies, they should be viewed as one. After all, if your aim is to attract new consumers, it is not logical to generate as many impressions as you can for segments of your audience that are likely to convert while also re-enforcing or increasing the identity of your brand.

Brand awareness cannot be developed overnight. It is something that needs to be balanced with the generation of leads if you are to attain optimal growth over time. On the flip side, you cannot expect to drive sales if you do not make a continual effort to build the credibility of your brand and enhance the awareness of it. For growth to be attained, both are needed in equal measure.

Hopefully, you now have a better understanding regarding getting the balance between lead generation and brand awareness right. For more information on getting your company's marketing efforts right, give JDR Group a call on 01332 343 281 or drop us an email.

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