Why Twitter is Good For Lead Generation

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Twitter is a good place for businesses to generate leads. With 13.1 million active accounts using Twitter in the UK each month and many more people checking Twitter as a news source without logging in, Twitter is a powerful platform on which to develop your brand. Twitter is especially important if a lot of your target customers are mobile and tablet users, as 80% of Twitter users access the site through their mobile device.

So, what is the secret to generating leads on Twitter? We have written elsewhere about the importance of following the right people, striking the right balance of content and setting up an attractive profile page. But what it ultimately boils down to is writing good tweets. This article is about how to write a good lead generation tweet and how to promote it to the right people.

How To Write A Great Lead Generation Tweet

Lead generation tweets should be treated differently to your other tweets e.g. your general updates, retweets and responses. If you’re not careful, a tweet can become a mess of hashtags, mentions and multiple links. This is what you want to avoid with lead generation. Instead, you want to keep the content as persuasive and focused as possible.

1) Keep It Short

It may be facetious to suggest you keep a tweet short, limited as you are to 140 characters, but don’t feel you need to use your whole allowance. If you can keep a lead gen tweet to 100 characters or less, then aim to do so.

2) Include A Strong CTA

Give your potential leads some clear guidance as to what you want them to do: ‘click here to order’, ‘claim your free audit here’ etc.

3) Only Use One Link

Multiple links may confuse a potential lead when looking at your message. Restrict your lead generation tweet to a single link, and make it count!

4) Keep It Interesting

Lead generation may be serious stuff, but there is no rule that says lead gen tweets have to be boring. People get thousands of tweets in their feed every day. Stale, salesy sounding tweets will simply be ignored. Write your value proposition or elevator pitch down on a piece of paper, then brainstorm different ways of saying it creatively and uniquely. Use descriptive language, ask questions. Keep your content exciting and fresh.

5) Don’t Use Hashtags or @mentions

Hashtags are one of the most useful features of Twitter, but on a lead generation tweet it may mean the viewer misses your link. Save hashtags for when you are having a conversation about a certain topic.

Twitter Adverts

Paid tweets are a fast and cost-effective way of generating more leads. You can use them alongside your organic tweets and measure the performance of both through Twitter analytics. Start by segmenting your target market by keyword, interest, location, gender and/or age bracket. Then write a great lead gen tweet and blast it out to them. Start with a small advertising budget at first and measure the performance of each tweet, following up each lead and keeping track of ROI.

You will find that your paid and organic tweets will feed off each other. Learn what works and what doesn’t for your business, and use this knowledge to adjust your messages, target audience and messaging time. This will give you a better hit rate and make your Twitter marketing more cost-effective.

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