7 Hints & Tips For Creating Top Quality Landing Pages That Convert High Quality Prospects For Your Sales Team

7_Hints__Tips_For_Creating_Top_Quality_Landing_Pages_That_Convert_High_Quality_Prospects_For_Your_Sales_Team.jpgA landing page by definition is a web page which serves as the entry point for a website or a particular section of a website. Your landing pages on your website can make or break what happens next with that lead. If successful, you will fulfil a need for that prospect. On the other hand, your landing pages could be very damaging to your company’s brand by demanding too much from prospects and poor design. Your landing page can be a highly effective conversion tool if used properly, with the needs of your potential customers and leads in mind. Here is a selection of landing page conversion tips.

1. Headlines to the point

Just as you would with an email marketing campaign subject line, a clear and direct headline will ensure that you get the prospects attention when they first arrive on the landing page.

Don’t take the risk of losing this attention to the hundreds of other distractions your leads could pursue online. Use headlines and the landing page copy to tell visitors precisely what they need to know to take the next step, whatever your call to action might be. 

2. Don’t confuse prospects with multiple options

An opt in landing page’s role is to simply create a strong lead for your sales team to use, by asking a prospect to fill in a form with their details in return for whatever you are offering. The great thing about landing pages is that you choose what that action will be, for example submit an email address in exchange for a white paper or e-book, request a sample or demonstration.

What you need to ensure is that your landing pages don’t dilute or distract the prospect from what you want them to do. Your landing page should focus on a single action – getting the prospect to fill out the form.

3. Use images and graphics properly

Today’s modern online buyer wants online visual content. So with landing pages for your business, make sure that you oblige their needs for visual appeal with good graphics. Your landing pages will convert higher with relevant graphics to your offer.

A word of warning, when designing a landing page, make sure that your graphics contribute to the overall flow of the landing page in getting the prospect to fill out the form. Large graphics, lengthy videos, and other visual elements that have an impact on page load times or seem meddling will cut the probability your prospects will convert.

4. Urgency can increase conversion

A great marketing tip, still very effective today, is to add a sense of urgency to an offer to help prospects respond quicker to that appealing content you are offering. Increasing urgency on a landing can be done by stressing scarcity (limited supplies), a time frame (limited time offer), restricted number of offers and other points which urge fast action.

5. Buyer personas are key to success

By developing and implementing your buyer personas across your landing pages, you can guarantee a higher conversion rate on the pages. Not only that but the leads will be more targeted and your sales team will find it easier to close.

To find out how to write your buyer persona’s and much more information on buyer persona’s, JDR have written these articles: 
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- How To Understand Your Customer More In Order To Increase Website Conversions

Write your landing page copy to appeal to your buyer persona’s and their specific characteristics. Let them know you understand their problems and have the products and services to solve them.

6. A/B Split testing your landing pages

Again the same as email marketing, don’t forget to A/B split test your landing pages to make sure that you get the highest conversion rate possible from the landing page. Run split tests to evaluate page design, copy, headlines, offers, and other important elements. Changed wording in your copy or headlines can generate different responses from prospects. Testing gives you strong feedback on the positive and negatives of your landing pages.

7. Don’t forget to say thanks

Now that you have done all the hard work getting prospects to convert on your landing pages, don’t forget to communicate with them further. Offer them a genuine thank you in the form of a thank you page. This is also a great opportunity to add a second offer on the thank you page that’s relevant.

Using the 7 hints and tips above, you can ensure that your business landing pages generate top quality leads for your sales team and show your prospects that your business is the market leader.

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